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Underground Pietmond December 16, 2010

Filed under: Otaki Gorge,Pietmond — baker Blinker @ 12:41 am

Amazing (to me) new development in Pietmond, and it all starts *directly* across from the entrance to the Norum gallery just reviewed in this blog.

I just started digging a couple of nights ago in this narrow patch of formerly sloping ground between the Something to CHRO About entrance (Rookwood Cottage) and SoSo East (north wall), and kept going…

… quickly creating a narrow passage all the way underneath the TILE Cathedral grounds to just below the Quad Towers on the east side of Pietmond. Now, as I’m counting it off now through Baker Bloch, the path through this passage, starting at the top of the stairs and ending in almost the extremely eastern side of my Pietmond property, appears to be about 50 meters in length.

To the immediate south of this passage, I was additionally surprised to find out that I could insert an actual, large room…

… complete with an opening back into the main passage…

… with a phantom wall on the other side.

Baker stands at the east end of the main passage as it stood that day. Since then, the Quad Towers have undergone a transformation themselves, turning into the Tower of TILE gallery. Subject for another post, though!

Baker looking back from the passage’s east end down into the bowels of the Underground. Kind of creepy in there. Actually, make no doubt of that (!)

Walking back toward Main Way.

Alternate entrance into the Underground from the south side of TILE Cathedral. Just descend into the blue there and you’re in! Watch your head concerning the tombstone going in, though.

Cathedral Way after the tunnel was dug. Quad Towers to right, of course. The underground passage goes directly beneath Cathedral Way here, covered by some terrain textured panels.


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