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Norum Gallery, 02 December 16, 2010

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Before leaving floor 2, Baker looks out a provided balcony at his beloved Pietmond cityscape. A cooing flock of pigeons keep him company there.

Floor 3 brings us collage examples from both the Lithuania (west wing) and Celestiathon (east wing) sets of Julie’s flickr site. We begin at the top of the stairs again with the beautiful “Julija” (Lithuania).

“Females in Keyland” and “Staphania,” from the Lithuania set as well.

“Male in Keyland,” seemingly a matched piece for “Females in Keyland,” and with “keypoles” as shared imagery.

Several examples from the Celestiathon set, currently comprised of 12 total pieces on Sadler’s flickr set.*

The color rich “String of Star Pearls,” with an additional description of, “At sunset, the strings are visible.”

“Seeking Solace in the Swamp Saturnal.” (“He’s a man of the stars.”)

Finally, we have another, haunting piece from the Lithuania set at the bottom of the ramp leading to floor 4 (currently empty): “Forget me not.”

This is just a small sample of Ms. Sadler’s work, and I have a feeling, again with permission from the creator of course, that I’ll be rotating other selections in at various times, perhaps keeping the 10 piece Decaying Springs set on floor 2 as a core.


* I’ve since learned that Julie has a book about the celestiathon:


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