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Norum gallery, 01 December 16, 2010

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The Norum gallery recently opened in Pietmond, featuring the works of Julie Sadler, an internationally famous mixed media artist and founder of the influential Collage Clearinghouse blog site. Julie’s work has been displayed in numerous publications, exhibits, and collaborations.

Vita here:

On floor 1 of Norum, we have several examples from Julie’s more recent Mohawk Vallery series of mixed media collages. This one’s called “Schoharlie Crossing”.

Baker stares at his personal favorite on this floor, “Long Lost Past Future”. He and I both love the use of colors in this more recently created set.

Slightly more minimal selection from the Mohawk series cryptically named “5S Oasis”. Hafta ask Julie about the meaning of that title sometime.

On floor 2 comes 10 pieces from the innovative Decaying Springs project:

We begin at the top of the stairs leading up from floor 1 with “Visualization of Dualization”.

More examples from this set on floor 2. Among other qualities, I admire the way each collage has its own, separate color palette.

The purple dominated “Starstruck”, but highlighting the contrasting black and white female form at the top, along with the accompanying, smaller male figure beside her. Like “Visualization of Dualization,” a male-female fused, androgynous figure seems central.

Baker takes a rest on a couch in front of “Magnesia Nr. 2” before heading up to floor 3. Much to absorb here!

Norum gallery, 02


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