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Pietmond South, Cont. December 11, 2010

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Baker Bloch walking west along Long Way, heading to Pietmond South.

Crossroads at Long Way and now extended Peter’s Way. Left on Peter’s Way takes one into Pietmond South.

Baker looking up at Pietmond South’s Tall Narrow House, perched on rocks above a waterfall and water tower. TNH has since been deleted, replaced by a castle. Or, better, the house was *moved* downtown instead of being deleted, becoming the structure for the new Norum gallery there (see above posts).

Fleep’s cottage, always a nice addition to a landscape.

Walking toward the quite thickly treed Piney Wood.

Shed at the heart of Piney Wood, with Woody Pine Pond in front.

Mouseview of same.

Overhead shot of Piney Wood, with Pietmond downtown to northeast.

Rooftop bar, looking toward Piney Wood and TNH.

Baker inside the rapidly developing Something To CHRO About, which will display about 14 photos from the vast Edna Million collection. More on that soon.

And then right across the road from the CHRO entrance is now situated the Norum gallery, formerly Pietmond South’s Tall Narrow House. At the time of this snapshot, I had the idea that it might be a town hall instead.


Pietmond South: Beginnings (Endings?)

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Rented land naturally associated with a Pietmond South community, given that it lies directly south of Pietmond and also shares a border with Pietmond proper (about 20 meters worth).

Below shows early experiment that inserts Gallery Jack (extreme left) on the south part of this rented land, soon to yield to a dense pine forest as we’ll see.

Baker sitting atop rocks on the new property, looking back at Pietmond. The castle in the background is not on my land holdings there.