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Further adjustments, fine tuning December 10, 2010

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After considerable experimenting, decided that the Blue Feather Gallery was a better fit at its “old” location in Teepot, and instead inserted the Home o’ Fibs (still unfurnished) on the hill above Pietmond proper in its place. If you’re counting at home, that’s a Gallery Jack/SoSo > Gallery Jack > Blue Feather Gallery > Home o’ Fibs succession of structures occupying that spot in a matter of days.

In the below snapshot, a visitor to Pietmond inspects the rooftop bar of Downtown, now directly above the west wing of the SoSo gallery containing the Mike Casey exhibit. Newly placed Home o’ Fibs is background center here.

Another Pietmond structure that remains undeveloped is the Quad Towers on the west side of town. Currently I have about 270 prims to still play around with in my holdings there, and may turn this into some kind of art gallery. Just for the record, I also briefly experimented with the Tower of TILE containing the “Baker Bloch in England” exhibit in this spot instead of the Quad Towers, but, again, it just didn’t seem to fit as well as the latter. So the progression for this space could read:

Home o’ Fibs > Tower of TILE > Quad Towers

Another relatively undeveloped area in Pietmond is the 2nd floor (of 3) of the TILE Cathedral. More art space?

The returned Blue Feather Gallery in Teepot. I also experimented with the Tower of TILE and also Baker Blinker’s Bayou Victorian house, my earliest Victorian house purchase (of 4 now) in this space. But I think the Blue Feather is the best fit here. I had it right in the first place. 🙂

I have no timetable for taking down the Casey exhibit in SoSo, and I have no real desire right now to go out into *Second Life* and search for new exhibitors for any available space I might make. Mike is simply a RL artist I had known for quite some time — with no real SL connections — whose work I thought would look great in the available, virtual space I had. I was right, I feel. I did all the work of creating the gallery environment, downloading needed textures, creating the artwork, and “hanging” it on the walls. It was good, cheap fun, and I learned to appreciate a friend’s art considerably more through the process. It was more satisfying, admittedly, than exhibiting a relative stranger’s work, who perhaps doesn’t really need the little exposure I would give her/him. Many SL artists exhibit in a considerable number of galleries at once. No, I believe what I want to do is bring RL artists more to SL than just provide a bit more exposure to artists already established in this virtual world.

*And* I also want to emphasize, in this decision, the exposure of what I’ll generically call “sinkers”, which Mike is one of, as well as myself. But I’ll have to save a broad definition of the term until later. I promise to return to it asap.


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