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Pietmond Ch-ch-ch-changes, 02 December 8, 2010

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Closeup of another, more recent MC piece called Messy World. Quite fascinating. Well done!

Then moving to the other half of SoSo, just across Main Way (sidewalk) from Downtown, we find my Oblong collection, now housed in a redecorated version of Arcadia Asylum’s famous slum apartment building placed here several days beforehand.

Lemon House, just above Orange House, has been deleted. Well, technically I guess you could say it’s been moved, since a duplicate of this house, shall we say, forms the back part of the Blue Feather Gallery as transposed from Teepot to Pietmond now.

Here’s where it is “now,” then.

I’m not entirely happy with the landscaping around Pietmond’s Blue Feather yet, but there’s only so much you can do in one night. 🙂

Then I also deleted the shed that use to be similarly stuck to Downtown, and, oh yeah, moved the entire Downtown over a couple of meters south so that less terrain would poke through the bottom of its lowest floor. This left no room for the shed at its former position. Hope the Peter’s Grave campers/pilgrims aren’t too pissed off at me, haha.

Current view down Long Way looking east toward the House of Truth.


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