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Pietmond Ch-ch-ch-changes, 02 December 8, 2010

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Closeup of another, more recent MC piece called Messy World. Quite fascinating. Well done!

Then moving to the other half of SoSo, just across Main Way (sidewalk) from Downtown, we find my Oblong collection, now housed in a redecorated version of Arcadia Asylum’s famous slum apartment building placed here several days beforehand.

Lemon House, just above Orange House, has been deleted. Well, technically I guess you could say it’s been moved, since a duplicate of this house, shall we say, forms the back part of the Blue Feather Gallery as transposed from Teepot to Pietmond now.

Here’s where it is “now,” then.

I’m not entirely happy with the landscaping around Pietmond’s Blue Feather yet, but there’s only so much you can do in one night. 🙂

Then I also deleted the shed that use to be similarly stuck to Downtown, and, oh yeah, moved the entire Downtown over a couple of meters south so that less terrain would poke through the bottom of its lowest floor. This left no room for the shed at its former position. Hope the Peter’s Grave campers/pilgrims aren’t too pissed off at me, haha.

Current view down Long Way looking east toward the House of Truth.


Pietmond Ch-ch-ch-changes, 01

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Sorry. I’ve had the Flight of the Conchords’ song “Bowie” running around in my head all day…

So here we go again. First I moved the entire Blue Feather Gallery from Teepot over to Pietmond, placing it at the, yes, former location of Gallery Jack. The latter has simply been deleted from my land holdings, at least for now. I figured I already had the Edwardston Station Gallery in Rubi to point people/avatars to if they wanted to see my entire collection of collages. But the main catalyst behind all this is the reinstatement of the SoSo Gallery in the heart of Otaki Gorge, and on the same exact land, coincidentally enough (or not), that the original version use to occupy, as discussed, for example, in this blog entry from mid-September. ‘Cept now it not only includes the Oblong collage series (as it always has through its several incarnations) but also the work of a guest artist, Mike Casey, a long time “syncher” friend we’ll say. More on that in a minute.

Below we see the top of “Downtown” Pietmond. I turned to bar around so that it faces the newly installed Blue Feather Gallery up on the hill.

Baker Bloch relieving pressure through excessive drinking after a long day of structure additions/subtractions/reshufflings. “Pietmond will be the end of me yet,” he slurs. There’s the new Blue Feather Gallery between Gallery None and House Greenup behind him from this angle.

And then within this Downtown now, with bar still perched on top, lies the new addition to the SoSo gallery and Mike Casey’s art. All these pictures were downloaded, with Mike’s permission of course, from his gallery page at the fascinating SITO site, long a cutting edge repository of shared, online artworks. Wikipedia article here.

Below, Baker stares at one of my favorites of his 26 pieces exhibited in this part of SoSo: a fractal inspired work called Wave Vulture. The SITO page on this picture is here.

More MC work displayed in the room nearest the front door of this space. I made an early decision to show his pieces against mostly a pure, black background, which I think helps to highlight the baroque textures.

Baker doing some impromptu repositioning as we follow him into the second room on this floor.

A look back to an interesting, anthropomorphic abstraction cryptically called Dr. F. that I decided to feature on a wall by itself here. Most of the pictures have cryptic titles, actually, which brings to mind works of famous Dadaists and Surrealists of the past, like Duchamp for example.

On the second and last floor in the part of SoSo dedicated to Mike’s work, I decided to exhibit only the black and white selections from his online collection. I think they work really well in this space, and the division between color (lower floor) and b&w (upper floor) was a natural one to make.

Closeup of a more recent and very intricate piece called Information Nibbler, from September 2010.

Pietmond Ch-ch-ch-changes, 02.