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Teepot, Pietmond December 6, 2010

Filed under: Otaki Gorge,Pietmond,Teepot,Yeot — baker Blinker @ 3:52 am

“Nother overhead view of Teepot. Since taking these pictures, the Blue Feather Gallery (center, left) has been moved to Pietmond, leaving a vacant lot in the wake. The Yeot pool is in the background, which Hucka D. has very recently stated is called Gong. Just Gong and not Gong Pond or Pool or something. Gong.

Teepot, with House of Truth in the foreground.

Teepot looking past the back of the House of Truth (right).

House of Truth and Gong (foreground, of course). Quite queer name. I’ll have to ask Hucka D. again about it, to see if he gives the same answer. Sometimes you can get multiple answers to the same question. Often.

Small wood in front of the bar beside House of Truth, unnamed as of yet. This would be similar to the same bar and view in Orion’s Vale; that’s the inspiration anyway.

Baker lounging atop a vacant house sitting right next to Gong, a long standing structure, and one that was there when I rented land in Yeot last May.

Then we move to Pietmond and a new view outside of the transparent wall of Orange House, second floor. Baker likes!

Another shot of the upper floor of the new-ish TILE Cathedral and the mysterious pod-shaped object. More enigmas wrapped in riddles to be found there for certain.

Last shot of Pietmond before the deletion of Gallery Jack in the background.


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