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Pietmond Changes, 03 December 3, 2010

Filed under: Otaki Gorge,Pietmond,Teepot,Yeot — baker Blinker @ 7:36 am

Baker walking north down Main Way, with new, slum apartments to his right.

TILE Cathedral from over top of Rookwood Cottage.

Looking back down Main Way (south) from beside this cottage.

View of town from the second floor of Pietmond’s House Greenup. Not so great as from other locations, but while I was there I thought I’d take a snapshot anyhoot. Not sure if I will delete all collages from within this house, since I have the official House Greenup now set up in Teepot. Yet another decision to turn around in me head.

Strolling Long Way, heading toward House of Truth.

House of Truth had to lose its nice, little sun room to make space for the 4 tower apartments, which I think I’ve decided to name Quad Towers (?).

Pietmond, looking from over top of these Quad Towers.

Present Teepot in comparison. Pietmond is now obviously bigger and more central and important, once more. Still, Teepot seems indispensable as well.


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