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Pietmond Changes, 02 December 3, 2010

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Upper floor of 3 in new TILE Cathedral. Now what exactly that green pod thingie to the left represents I’m still not sure of, but it seems to be a focus… or locus. Yet another Moard Ling concoction, as are the trees and most of the furniture here — along with the cathedral itself, of course. I’ve certainly borrowed heavily from my new found freebie friend in the raising of Pietmond and Teepot.

Sitting on a Ling cushion; mystery pod (which Moard calls an egg-shaped “gazebo” in his wiki) as backdrop.

Baker looking out an arched window at the palm tree marking Peter’s Grave. A few things don’t change around here.

Inside the pod.

“Portholes.” There are nine total in the pod, one at the very top and then 8 more working their way down in a spiral from near the top toward the only entrance.

In looking at it now, I’m reminded of the sun (top) and its 8 official planets, sometimes pictured in a spiral, like this:

And if there are 8 portholes for 8 planets, does the 9th hole of the pod, the entrance itself, represent the dethroned 9th planet of the Solar System, Pluto? Perhaps something to think about. Could all this be connected to the 8 loops of the labyrinth directly below?*

Looking up to the 3rd floor pod from Main Way, near Orange House:

View down from the central hole of the cathedral into the two, lower floors.

Bottom floor: the labyrinth itself.

View from the Castle in the Rocks rooftop dining area.

View from inside Orange House.


* Or could it be the other way around: the *Sun* represented by the entrance and Pluto the very top of the pod, furthest away?


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