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Pietmond Changes, 03 December 3, 2010

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Baker walking north down Main Way, with new, slum apartments to his right.

TILE Cathedral from over top of Rookwood Cottage.

Looking back down Main Way (south) from beside this cottage.

View of town from the second floor of Pietmond’s House Greenup. Not so great as from other locations, but while I was there I thought I’d take a snapshot anyhoot. Not sure if I will delete all collages from within this house, since I have the official House Greenup now set up in Teepot. Yet another decision to turn around in me head.

Strolling Long Way, heading toward House of Truth.

House of Truth had to lose its nice, little sun room to make space for the 4 tower apartments, which I think I’ve decided to name Quad Towers (?).

Pietmond, looking from over top of these Quad Towers.

Present Teepot in comparison. Pietmond is now obviously bigger and more central and important, once more. Still, Teepot seems indispensable as well.


Pietmond Changes, 02

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Upper floor of 3 in new TILE Cathedral. Now what exactly that green pod thingie to the left represents I’m still not sure of, but it seems to be a focus… or locus. Yet another Moard Ling concoction, as are the trees and most of the furniture here — along with the cathedral itself, of course. I’ve certainly borrowed heavily from my new found freebie friend in the raising of Pietmond and Teepot.

Sitting on a Ling cushion; mystery pod (which Moard calls an egg-shaped “gazebo” in his wiki) as backdrop.

Baker looking out an arched window at the palm tree marking Peter’s Grave. A few things don’t change around here.

Inside the pod.

“Portholes.” There are nine total in the pod, one at the very top and then 8 more working their way down in a spiral from near the top toward the only entrance.

In looking at it now, I’m reminded of the sun (top) and its 8 official planets, sometimes pictured in a spiral, like this:

And if there are 8 portholes for 8 planets, does the 9th hole of the pod, the entrance itself, represent the dethroned 9th planet of the Solar System, Pluto? Perhaps something to think about. Could all this be connected to the 8 loops of the labyrinth directly below?*

Looking up to the 3rd floor pod from Main Way, near Orange House:

View down from the central hole of the cathedral into the two, lower floors.

Bottom floor: the labyrinth itself.

View from the Castle in the Rocks rooftop dining area.

View from inside Orange House.


* Or could it be the other way around: the *Sun* represented by the entrance and Pluto the very top of the pod, furthest away?


New TILE Cathedral; other revisions to Pietmond, 01

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Baker rests up for another busy night of collaging together objects, and in a new building itself in Pietmond. This is the standard Arcadia Asylum slum apartment building found in many other places in Second Life, but it’s such a neat, low prim creation, and it fit quite nicely and snugly in front of the newly rezzed TILE Cathedral. Yes, things have considerably changed in Pietmond over the last several days, seemingly as a reaction to the upstart challenge from sister village Teepot.

Not sure if, long term, I’ll keep AA’s decor for the slum apt. interior, and an option is to rewallpaper in lower resolution textures, like I did with this same building module for the “Where are we on that?” exhibit in Spring 2009. Perhaps even make it into a small art gallery itself.

Moving on for now… lots to talk about in this series of posts still…

Baker inside the new TILE Cathedral, still empty within at this point, staring at a wall just deleted between it and the Rookwood Cottage, also rezzed in Pietmond now and right beside the Arcadia slum apts. just discussed above. This marks the first appearance of this cottage in Pietmond, although it has been in Teepot for about a week now.

And I didn’t stop with the “wall deletions” there, for those apts. also have one of their back wall prims made transparent and phantom so you could look into and even enter the cathedral from that new building as well. All this wall removing was largely inspired by the success of the same in Teepot, namely the merger of Lemon House with the new, main Blue Feather Gallery structure there.

Overhead view of the new cathedral (central, orange roofed structure). It took some courage to delete the old cathedra because it looked so nice in that spot, but I think this changeout was for the best. The new building is yet another Moard Ling freebie creation, as was the old cathedral. Advantages for the switch include a more snug, open area for the labyrinth still on the bottom floor, and then two additional floors in which to fiddle around with, to new success now. The old cathedral only had the one, large open space and nothing else. And also since the new cathedral takes up less ground space (it is considerably higher, though, marring some of the townscape views from other Pietmond locations a bit — needed sacrifices, it seems, for a greater good), I was able to insert the slum apts. and Rookwood cottage discussed before into one side of the same town square. So instead of just one, rather massive structure taking up a lot of ground space and with only 1 room inside, you now have 3 structures within the same area, all multi-level except the smallest. Good payoff.

The next day, Baker sits on the rocks beside the Castle in the Rocks, taking in the view with the new cathedral. More changes have taken place in the meantime…

… like the addition of yet another Moard Ling creation: what we’ll call apartment towers, 4 in number but with one, shared internal and simple design. Basically it’s just interlocking, identical circular rooms connected with identical, short stairs, leading up and up until one reaches the roof some *24* rooms above ground level, if I’m counting right. That’s a lot of rooms to pass through! I have a feeling I’ll be playing around with the internal structure of these apts. soon as well — more experimenting.

These sit on the grounds of what use to be the Home o’ Fibs, which I had to delete in the process. This “home” is still set up in Teepot, though.

To create the needed prims, I also had to delete the SoSo gallery formerly atop Gallery Jack. It admittedly looked pretty peculiar there, and I’ll simply have to rethink how to display the 20 collages of the Oblong series that seem to fit so well within. I believe I have options left open in Pietmond, and perhaps even in Teepot for this repackaging project.

So here’s an overhead shot of the new look Pietmond. You can see the bare top of Gallery Jack now (left) and the new apt. towers east of the new TILE Cathedral (center), among other changes. I’ll have to revise my town map asap, but I should wait till I’m sure no further, large changes are forthcoming.