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Teepot East Flag (Semi-official) November 30, 2010

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Bottom to top stripes, colored blue, red, and green in order, represent similarly adjacent south-to-north Teepot East properties named Blue Feather Gallery, Redbird (Cardinal?) Pond, and House Greenup. In the refining process, the central red was changed to more of a fuchsia tone for aesthetic purposes.

The black chevron with a white, interior design stands for the 4th property clearly within Teepot East (outside of the ways themselves), or Rookwood Cottage, perhaps the heart and soul of the community as I’ve already mentioned, and lying east of all others. Voting members split between inserting a white rook chess piece and a white edelweiss bloom in the chevron, so an artistic portmanteau was settled upon, which I frankly think is kind of messy and confusing. But my vote only counted once, and Hucka D., always a troublemaker, had the other. It is what it is.

Still an interesting creation, and one worthy of being including in this blog for sure, I feel.


Blue Feather on Blue Jay Way

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So… I moved the Blue Feather Gallery to Teepot, condensing the old “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” in the process. The sidewalk it lies upon? Blue Jay Way, obviously. And I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned already that the official version of House Greenup now sits across Redbird Pond from it. Green-red-blue, all in a row, then. And to the immediate west is Rook Way, connotating the color black. Up on the hill above the newly positioned Blue Feather Gallery, reachable by Number 9 Way, is perched Gallery 9. Nest presently empty.

I haven’t talked to Hucka D. in a couple of days. Let’s at least briefly see what he’s been up to or has to say.

Hucka D.:

Hi. Do you know who Ticky Bill is, yet?



Hucka D.:



This is because I had to change Orange House in Teepot West to Lime House, which is the supposed home of Ticky Bill in Pietmond.

Hucka D. (emphasizing):

You are Ticky Bill here. That is your home.


Lemon House was absorbed into the Blue Feather Gallery, Hucka D. Very interesting development. I just ate through the walls, creating 2 small side rooms that were formerly the 2 floors of this house. And that’s the only reason I had room for “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” in that building. I had to mash together the 2 structures. Literally, they were mashed against each other and then merged by removal/editing of some abutted walls.

Hucka D.:

As you understand, Teepot East obliviates many of the property problems of Pietmond. Pietmond simply needed a sister city to continue its own existence. An Eve to its Adam. Lisa to Oliver. Crabwoo is now no more. You move there; then a day later the sidewalks are pulled up defining its existence. Chance? Again: no way. Blue Jay No Way. Instead Teepot is your sister city. Teepot and Pietmond. Around Chilbo. Around Parktown. Even Crow’s Foot. We all scream for ice cream now. Thank you.



Top of Rookwood Cottage, and blackbird singing in the dead of night.

Multiple rooks: make a parallelogram. This represents Rook Way itself.

Rookwood Cottage interior with Jasper 02 and Jasper 03 collages.