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Teepot, 02 November 29, 2010

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More details from freshly laid out Teepot. First up is an abutting of two, separate buildings, which eventually merge into one, in essence, to become the newest permutation of the Blue Feather Gallery. And probably the smallest as well. The smaller of the two buildings is called Lemon House in Pietmond. The larger building is a new one, but also from Moard Ling, who made Lemon House and a number of others located in Pietmond and/or Teepot.

One of my favorite parts of Teepot: varying green textures in bordering vegetation as one walks from Rookwood Cottage toward Downtown on Blue Jay Way.

Looking back down Blue Jay Way from whence he came. The small forest in front of Blochs here is called Rook Wood.

Fountain area in unincorporated Teepot West. Suppose I should have put one or two benches here so Baker wouldn’t have to sit on the ground to enjoy. The deal-i-o is that, of the two halves of Teepot, only Teepot East will have incorporation status, and will belong to me, baker b. (primary avatar: Baker Bloch). Unincorporated Teepot West in contrast, has been turned over to mayor wannabe Hucka D. (1:1 match with avatar Hucka Doobie). Don’t worry, it will sort itself out in time.

Baker walks into Rookwood Cottage, on the east edge of tiny Rook Wood forest.

Views of Rook Wood from transparent wall within. The cottage now includes two Jasper series collages, each containing rook images.

‘Nother view of town, looking northeast this time.

Looking east.

View from inside the gazebo also transplanted from Pietmond, and within a second, small wood in Teepot West, as yet unnamed.


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