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(Crabwoo > )Teepot, 01 November 29, 2010

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With the sidewalks pulled up when I came back online after Thanksgiving break Saturday, I suppose we’ll have to call Crabwoo officially dead. In this case, walkways do indeed make the town. Dazed and Confused has also been considerably downsized in the past several days. So I purchased my 2000+ sq meter parcels there just in time to witness the death throes. Odd… but not that odd for Second Life, where such synchronizations are certainly too frequent for mere chance to explain.

Seeing the writing on the wall, I decided to go ahead and delete all the structures on my land there, including “Downtown” and the blue Victorian house, leaving only some vegetation and a single pool with 4 yellow fish. No, Crabwoo would not turn out to be, in any way, the sister town of Pietmond, as Peter perhaps envisioned it at one point. The super-cheap 4096 parcel sitting beside my land did not provide any type of temptation, unlike it would have a week ago.

But despite this obvious setback, Pietmond would get that sister city he so desired very soon indeed. A number of cheap parcels, all 1024 sq meters and under, I believe, surrounded a single, small home in Maeshill, a sim I already had my blue Victorian house set up in near the southwest corner. Once the purchasing began and houses/buildings set up, what was subsequently named Teepot shaped up quite quickly; within a single night sans some work on the inclusive galleries. Basically the original version, this one night’s work, represents a mere reshuffling of structures already found in Pietmond.

The most difficult part was the purchasing of the final 2 parcels, which involved some careful land abandonment in Otaki Gorge. No use in cutting an arm off to save a leg, you see! In other words, I didn’t want to ruin the integrity of Pietmond for minor gain in Teepot. As with a lot of my land dealings, once a door was opened I knew that what would take shape would do so steadily and decisively, with minute by minute decisions all along. What to keep in Pietmont? What in Teepot? It was a balancing act all along, but especially toward the end.

Anyway, here’s a view over the resultant townscape from Gallery 9, set up on the last land purchased so far in the area. Not as big as Pietmond, but still a really nice view, I feel. Much of the land surrounding the town is abandoned, so the vacant spots to the right and left will in all likelihood remain just that. On the minus side: also not much land to purchase for future growth. Teepot will probably always stay about the size it is.

From Gallery 9, still empty (but with some prims left over for future work, despite the filling up of the Blue Feather Gallery in the meantime — see below!), Baker walks what soon became known as Number 9 Way down some stairs and into the meat of the town.

He climbs a Burl Tower — not set up on any of my land since Azure Islands days, I don’t believe — and takes in the limited view. To his left is the Blue Feather Gallery, still without the condensed “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” exhibit that I would set up the next day. In the center is what would be named Redbird (Cardinal?) Pond, with attached waterfall. To his right is House Greenup, already with collages within, just as it still is in Pietmond. More on that duplication soon.

Strolling west on what would be dubbed Blue Jay Way the next day.

Halfway down is a walkway leading off to the right and toward House Greenup.

Name now: Rook (Crow?) Way, because it points directly to the Rookwood Cottage, as the photo looking south demonstrates below. Rookwood Cottage dead center, and one of the few Teepot structures *not* found in Pietmond. My feeling is that this cottage represents the very heart and soul of the community, although I haven’t worked out all the details.

There’s also an essential split in the community between east and west to deal with. Teepot East acts as home to the several galleries (House Greenup, Blue Feather, Gallery Nine). Teepot West contains the old, now vacant Downtown area, and also some additional residential units. The Rookwood Cottage actually straddles these two, defined sides, although it is mostly within Teepot East.

Overhead view of the town’s core with the central parcel here called “Victory” and belonging instead to Nelson Bartlett. Welcome to Teepot, Nelson! Hope you like it; looks like you might be stuck.

View looking southeast that takes in more of the whole town. Home o’ Fibs and Lime House are clearly seen in the foreground now.

But that isn’t really all of Pietmond, because, like I said, I already had House of Truth (blue Victorian house)
set up nearby. So here’s a view looking northeast this time, with Downtown not far in the background. There’s also a small Alpine Cabin bar set up in the woods next to this House of Truth.


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