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BFD, 02 November 27, 2010

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“I believe there’s some more work to do in Crabwoo, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:



Let me throw out some theories. Blue Feather Douglas — he was *not* the greatest professor in the world but instead isolated himself inside his Mayan temple on the southern end of the Blue Feather Sea. He saw this as the Temple of TILE, first one, and where Peter first heard about TILE. The temple may have been painted in the TILE colors, even. (pause) Then I also have a theory about the crop circles on the west side of the Blue Feather. I believe Peter found these while at college in Crabwoo; perhaps even his first case revolved around them. Crow trapped in middle… died. Named Pennsylvania, same as the avatar (?) Peter originally treated them as a prank.*

Back to BFD for a minute, he shuts himself up in his temple because he has found a link between Second Life and Earth Life, the Blue Earth. He creates the *ultimate curse*: Maebaleia will always be second to Jeogeot as a 7:6 relationship. 1 will always be missing in the former as opposed to the latter. This is probably a curse on Crabwoo itself, and that Crabwoo will eventually be absorbed into Chilbo as the latter grows and the former shrinks, almost out of existence. This is the curse. Blue Feather Curse, which is very real in this case. Instead, Crabwoo is probably slowly absorbed into some kind of Earth matrix.

When Peter returns to Crabwoo in Season 2 of Pietmond, he finds out about this curse or else remembers it. Tries to get into the temple but it is locked. No one inside. Crabwoo has shrunk to almost nothing. I wonder where Hucka D. went? Anyway, that’s the deal. The “1” has left Maebaleia and gone to Jeogeot. This is Chilbo. It’s also similar to a plot element of admittedly one of the weaker Torchwood episodes we watched recently, where the energy of 2 characters are directly linked and one is draining the other of life force and increasing her own reciprocally.

How to reverse this curse, then, this Blue Feather curse? As soon as Chilbo is born and starts to grow the drain begins.

Peter goes to Crabwoo in large part to study with Blue Feather Douglas, the great lawyer. But Blue Feather becomes increasingly remote from the college during Peter’s stay there — disappointment. Becomes involved in the TILE religion and its development, which Peter, at the time, thought a waste of time for such a great talent. Thought he was losing it; going crazy.