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Theories: November 23, 2010

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Peter went to Crabwoo U. at approx. same time as Karoz, who was his cousin.

Knew of finding of Big E in middle of Blue Feather Sea. Some thought it was fraternity prank. Karoz still found?

Peter really enjoyed this area and thought of settling here. Crabwoo was approx. the size of current Chilbo. Crabwoo went down (in size), and Chilbo went up after their basic equalization in May/June, 2009, or when I first moved to Jeogeot.

Crabwoo will be a sister village (*the* sister village?) of my Pietmond.

Peter was required to take a course in Sinkology at Wu U. Studied 10 mainland sinks, ending with Sink X. Perhaps thought he might settle in Sink X, but then became later attracted to Pietmond in the Otaki Gorge sink. Maybe did a paper including that sink, and had a nice back and forth exchange of emails from someone in the village. Perhaps Warren Zeevon? (Werewolf of Linden?).

At Crabwoo U., Karoz learned that TILE proved toy avatars only exist in Frank and Herman Parks (green and red, 7 and 6) and not Mythopolis (yellow, 5), nor Blue Mountain (blue, 8). Instead Mythopolis and Blue Mountain are seen as archetypal parents of all toys. In Mythos, there was an attempt to establish toy avatars in Sharon, before it joined Wazob and became the last “p” in the pod, as the story goes. St. Nick’s adventures in Sunklands is a carryover of this experiment.

Peter was happy enough to go to a local university, but mama Hucka Doobie insisted he get the best education. A decision was made by Hucka D. and probably Chesaw (sort of absentee father, or at least father figure) to pay for education in Crabwoo U., which could be reached in those mainly pre-Linden days through the relatively nearby Rabbit Hole (Blackmount).

Peter used the Rabbit Hole to come home during college days. Crabwoo U.’s speciality, one of ’em, was the study of (Blue) Earth itself, and a RL-SL link.

Hucka Doobie warned that if the Linden Grid passed through Sunklands and deactivated the Rabbit Hole on that side, Peter might be trapped in Maebaleia for a while, 8 1/2 long, long virtual miles away but separated from Jeogeot by the uncrossable void (Black Behind?). If this happens the Maebaleia side will shrink in size and somewhat close up, as per its current status (but not when I found it originally in August, ’09).

Peter’s days at Crabwoo U. will take up a whole, individual episode of Pietmond, The Series TV show. Gives backstory of Peter.

Peter enjoyed sailing in the Blue Feather Sea. Loved the patterns on the sea floor. Others didn’t quite understand his fascination.

Where is Blue Feather Douglas in all this? And did Cousin Karoz really study to be a jeweler at Wu U. or did he study the TILE g/p/r there? What happened to the Big E after it was found in the Blue Feather Sea (by Karoz?)? Was it brought to Crabwoo itself, perhaps laid out in an open space there or propped up there?

Finding the Big E was simultaneous with the Linden Grid passing through the Korean Channel. But that would only form later.

Sunklanders (Peter?) thought the sinks would be protected from the effects of the Linden Grid wave; the depressions would act as kind of a sanctuary. This turned out not entirely true. Details?

Mama Hucka Doobie explains to Peter about how the Rabbit Hole works before he first goes through it to get to Crabwoo and attend college there. Explains that Jeogeot and Maebaleia are actually two snapshots of one thing. Based on same grid of 36 x 43. Peter asks: well who made the Rabbit Hole?

Hucka Doobie doesn’t answer, but in this blog it’s stated the Ancients made the hole. It’s creation is coded into the ESBUM carrcass.

I believe the action of the various sinks only *delayed* the effects of the Linden Grid.


Blue Feather Douglas headed the team examining the Earth-Second Life connection? Connection severed when Linden grid passed through Crabwoo? Considerably after it passed through Sunklands.

Blue Feather Douglas is called the Father of TILE. He taught that 5 and 8 make 7 and 6. He showed up and everyone thought region was cursed. His powerful energy had to be countered by green purse and then red purse before yellow showed up in abstract way. Kimball liked yellow. Kimball is counter to Blue Feather Douglas?? Is sea named after him, or did he name himself for the sea?