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Blue Feather Sea, 02 November 22, 2010

Filed under: Crabwoo,Mãebaleia Continent — baker Blinker @ 9:17 am

Interesting fishing hole tucked in the northwest corner of Bunyip. An underwater house lies within the pond just over the border in Banshee to the north (not pictured).

Overall, Banshee is a very nicely landscaped sim, with numerous trees, rocks, and dotted with small cottages and houses. The great majority of its land belongs to the Navajeevan Friends group that also owns the grain field with the crop circles pictured before.

This is one of the small structures I mentioned dotting the Banshee landscape. And I’ve already taken a picture of it before for this blog, it seems: in June 2009, when I connected it to the mysterious entity or group known as The Bill through its chicken-ish legs.

In the northeast corner of Banshee, owned by DB Consotium instead, is this giant maze of rectangular design.

Moving back east to the Blue Feather, Baker comes across the artificial island pictured below. Now a bad build, obviously, but he prefers Linden terra firma instead of “unnatural” landscape additions.

Seeing a spot where he could rez objects on its northern shoreline, Baker, impromptu, decides to take a sailboat ride back across the sea toward Crabwoo and his new home.

In the pictures below, you can see some of the beautiful, perhaps even mysterious patterns decorating the sea’s floor.

Landing the sailboat on some of the good Governor’s land in sw Guiler.

Texture aberration between adjacent sims next to this landing spot that caught Baker’s eye.

Picnic area with swing beside the sea. Beached sailboat to right.

Nearby queerly shaped aquarium, holding only a single, newborn, blue whale. Perhaps a creature snagged from the *Blue* Feather Sea itself?


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