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Blue Feather Sea, 01 November 22, 2010

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Baker looking out at the Blue Feather Sea again from the hill owned by the Live Music Journal, in the Valefare sim. Spectacular view here.

Baker descends the hill and heads out into the shallower water of the Blue Feather, checking one of the first sea bottom discolorations he comes across. He can’t decide how much time to spend on thinking about them.

Running the green ridge between the Blue Feather and a smaller body of Linden water to the south, unnamed for now.

Still on the ridge, I believe this is a high spot in Phasmogoria, where Baker can look in a southerly direction and see the smaller sea…

… and then, turning to the north, view the southern edge of the Blue Feather Sea.

Baker then decides to teleport over to the opposite side of the Blue Feather from here, onto an interesting looking beach strip in the Linden owned sim of Hastwaite. More marvelous views.

Inside what appears to be a small village owned by the Hogfathers group, and based around a flower business it seems, Baker comes across what might be a picture of the Blue Feather Sea in ancient, pre-Linden days. Probably not, but you never know. This would be in Mapinguari, immediately west of Hastwaite.

Nicely landscaped hillside to the west of this village, then, still in Mapinguari.

Running up a curving railroad track in same…

… to the top of what the land description generically calls Mapinguari Hill, about 55 meters high at the top as opposed to the 20 meter level of the Blue Feather Sea below. Baker breaks from his exploring to take a quick nap at a picnic scene.

Just over the border, in Wolpertinger now, appears this larger structure collectively called the Virtual Ability Experimental Community Housing Units, a “residential and community area for members of The Heron Sanctuary and Virtual Ability.” No idea… but it looks like the group owns about 1/2 of the sim.

Nearby: crop circles! Nice, and I can’t remember seeing virtual depictions of these circles before (called “grain circles” here), although it might just be that faulty memory again. There are 3 circular patterns total in the small field, with the two larger, of exactly the same size and pattern, it seems, shown below. That’s a crow in the middle of the foreground circle. Trapped in the center during the actual (non-terrerstial) formation? Then there’s the interesting tidbit that one of the two owners of the land, Pennsylvania Paine, has this description in the 1st life tab of her SL profile: “On the internet, nobody knows you´re a crow…”, and with an accompanying picture of a crow on a fence in the same tab. Interesting to also note that Pennsylvania Paine owns the crow (trapped?) at the center of the below circle.*

Heading further up into the green hills west of the Blue Feather.


* Pennsylvania also owns the psychedelically garbed scarecrow (“Mortimer”) in the same grain field.


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