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Crabwoo, 01 November 21, 2010

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New digs in Crabwoo, a bit over 2048 sq. meters worth. Bigger than most secondary places I’ve lived at lately, then.

Some landscaping details: 2 small pools on the property.

I simply duplicated the Downtown of Pietmond and eased it next to one of the few surviving Crabwoo sidewalks from last year, all of which now appear to lay in the immediate vicinity of the Dazed and Confused shop selling various rock paraphernalia. In fact, Dazed and Confused seems to be about the only thing about Crabwoo that hasn’t atrophied over time, with the structure growing a bit larger instead.

Walking around the remainder of Crabwoo sidewalks. Quite a nice, little residential neighborhood actually, with lots of cheap land still for sale. Perhaps the village can be revived in some way.

Baker falls into a hole while walking a low, grassy ridge to the immediate east of Dazed and Confused. But he’s OK.

Then it’s through the center of D&C back to the new property, where Blochs sits on a hill attempting to grok the landscape. I’m calling this Solsbury Hill, and the rest of the property Peter’s Place. Yes, it appears we’ve stumbled on, in our own special, bumbling way, another former living quarters of Peter the Good or Peter the SoSo — the one who was in Pietmond anyway. How could this be? Apparently he was attracted to being in Crabwoo when it was more in its glory days for some reason. Obviously I’ll be talking more about this new development quite soon.

Not far to the west lies the edge of the Blue Feather Sea itself, which Baker admires from an overlooking hill owned by the Live Music Journal group, who have set up what’s called an Awards Stage just behind him here.

Interesting landscaping on the same property. I think Baker’s going to like it in what remains of Crabwoo!

And finally, the obviously appropriate rezzing of the Blue Feather Cube in the center of Downtown.

More soon from Crabwoo! Of course, I’ve kept Pietmond in the process, just giving up the Conferation of Sinkers land in Big Sink (sold just tonight!) to purchase this.


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