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About, 02 November 20, 2010

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Rubi’s Temple of TILE: still there!

Heavily logged Forest of Kahruvel, but actually still quite a wilderness of sorts. This view comes from Stinson, looking east toward Cowell.

Still in Stinson but out of the forest proper, Baker discovers a small island to the north covered top to bottom with a single type of non-Linden tree. Here’s the name of the tree according to the description: “-/_ & !< Tree" No joke. Baker’s currently counting about 50 such trees on this approx. 100 meter long by 50 meter wide island.

Back in the Kahruvel Forest, Baker encounters a mysterious sphere with no apparent purpose except to befuddle.

His mind saturated by Sansara perplexities, Baker decides to head back home to Sunklands, emptying his thoughts by staring into the the void that is the Aotearoa sink.