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SID’s 1st Oz links (ongoing) November 19, 2010

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Hucka Doobie and Baker Bloch (Baker Blinker?) may even visit Pine Ridge, Arkansas to begin the interview. “This is where it all starts,” Hucka Doobie might then say. “The name change from Waters to Pine Ridge, helping obscure the fact that this is part of SID.”

“…low-keyed, arch” ?

They’ll probably visit the Lum and Abner Museum. Burn it down to reveal Waters beneath Pine Ridge? Hucka Doobie advises not, or Baker Bloch advises Hucka Doobie.

Baker Bloch and Hucka Doobie get sucked into Lum and Abner. Listen to tapes each night in their motel. Compare this to end of Bunny Boy in not-too-far-away Patmos. “You’ll see,” Hucka Doobie says contentedly one night as they listen to the tapes. “Arkansas gets under your skin. You’ll become Arkansas too, soon. Then we can ironically leave.”,_Oklahoma

They rent a cabin out on a lake, listen to old Lum and Abner tapes, and then, eventually, begin the journey down the Ouachita River toward Joplin and Black Dog.

But at *very* first Hucka Doobie and Baker Bloch may mistakenly visit Pine Ridge, Oklahoma and the Woods and Waters Winery there, thinking that it was named for former community name of Waters.

Locals cannot find the Lum and Abner museum, and BB and HD head out to the winery. Magic bottle of wine there? Zeppelin tube? Wine that killed pope (or substitute for that wine)? On his birthday death day?


At Joplin, after leaving their boat on the shore, Ticky Bill invites them inside. The skeleton of a giant bird stands in the back of the store. It is another Ancient (Ticky Bill, that is). They eat food (prepared by dogs?). Then they have to run because he chases them out — out to get the bird? Bird found in lake? Waters? Or maybe instead of a bird Ticky has a golden sphere, alien in origin he thinks. A pod, like Rimmer in episode 4 of Red Dwarf I.

They batten down the hatches — they know they’ll be here for a spell. They talk of old Rubi and how Baker Bloch found his first picture of Barrett in SL there. Magical times. Just after that he bought property in Rubi. He later found The Point of the Wall which ends in the Rubi Diagonal, which was then put on the Temple of TILE in Rubi.

While they are floating in the lake (Lake Ouachita) and Baker Bloch is becoming despondent. Hucka Doobie points up: the Temple of TILE from Rubi is floating above. 37th, Missing Piece is inside. It is a spaceship they can use to escape Earth’s gravity. Part II.

But first they explore source of Ouachita R. near Mena. Hucka Doobie again states that it is good Mena is not a household word. “Ticky Bill will tell us more about Mena when we meet him [again?].”

To get back out of Polk County you have to pass through Opal to get to Pine Ridge. Hucka Doobie pauses there to sing Barrett’s “Opel”, tragically (?) missing from his only really successful solo album in any way: Madcap Laughs. He looks at the guitar after finishing, studying it intently. “Is that the 37th?” Baker Bloch asks, attempting to understand. “No,” says Hucka Doobie, and they continue on back into Montgomery County from Polk. The guitar has turned into a ballelika.

Is the transformation due to the nearby presence of Ink? Perhaps so, because Hucka Doobie warns Baker Bloch they must reach Pencil Bluffs by inky nightfall or all is lost.

At Pencil Bluffs they burn graphite to stay awake and keep the wolves at bay.

At some time they have a serious discussion about Grassy Noll, apparently Hucka Doobie’s arch-enemy, or once was. “You cooperated on the attempted Temple of TILE north of here, in Arkansas.” “Grassy was only cool with that becaue he was convinced that the northern part of Arkansas will fold up into Missouri in the next Great Quake.” Then he laughs. “Nah, I told him we were in Missouri and he believed me. Just had to double back on some roads. When he found out later that he’d been duped… boy!” But seriously, it was too close to a campground. We didn’t know until the weekend and all the people started showing up. And the kids… worst of all for Grassy.”

Hucka Doobie may state Grassy was in SID as well, as the Gump (there on the *grass* was Hare). (Newt knew too much to care).

“Is Grassy Hare, then?” Baker Bloch might ask. Quoting “There on the grass was Hare,” after all. “Hare is about to be born,” Hucka Doobie counters.


Perhaps instead they camp at Baker’s Creek in Polk County? Baker Mtn./Bee Mtn. Yes! They must visit these two mountains. Prox. of Howard and Rich Mtn. to north, at very source of Ouachita River, indicates a Blue Mountain resonance, and indeed Blue Mountain is nearby! (and just below it, Y City!).

Here are two more places they might visit:,+AR&gl=us&ei=tjrmTOTRIYSdlgfjxNnGCQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CBMQ8gEwAA,_Arkansas


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