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“What happens? November 18, 2010

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Well he goes into the sphere. He goes to Longest Hope mountain again. Because what he has found is the same as Lemon Labs. Lemon Days, freshens up the Salad Days but wilts the Lettuce Days.”


Clever, Hucka D. Too clever?

Hucka D. (admitting):



Continue, sir…

Hucka D.:

He is on the inside, not the outside. He is Kirbyville Fred and not Fred Kirbyville. Moon Eclipsed is gone. Sun rules. Inside the sun. Center of the sun. Perimeter surrounds. Sphere. Golden. Guy. Sphere.


This would be in the next episode of Pietmond, the TV series.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Golden sphere was found in the center of the sink, in the ruined part of Pudding Hole that Peter’s mama use to live at. Peter finds his mama, but we instead switch to Baker (and EM) searching through ruined landscape and finding sphere. Joplin Ball even, perhaps.


How does this continue? I mean, is this the sphere?:


Hucka D.:

Why not. Longest Hope Mtn. Blue Holly Blue Holly Blue Holly. Hidalgo. Purging. Indians again, see. Insert the collage here.



Hucka D.:

You have Jasper. You found Jasper. Enjoy!


* additional link


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