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Hilo November 12, 2010

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“You’re Hucka Doobie’s child,” he said to Peter. “How do you know Hucka D.?” came his reply. “Well,” said Lemmon, “it’s always good to know the name of your immediate boss, har.”


Or “hee”.

Hucka D.:



So when Peter remembers Maebaleia and exiting the other side of the Rabbit Hole, he finds out his mama — you — is actually owner of both continents, and not a poor maid-servant at all.

Hucka D.:

At all. She inherited all from husband Kelley. My husband, my father. Maybe my son. No, not my son. Son-in-law perhaps. Maybe grand son-in-law.


Alright. Lemmon, let’s see, tells Peter that they’ve met before, and in Uli. “Oh, is that the nickname…” you go ahead.

Hucka D.:

Here’s what Peter replied: “Oh, is that the nickname of this sim, Ulyanovsk Oblast? I had to practice saying it to remember it; can understand why the name would be shorted.” “No,” said Lemmon back. “Just Uli. U-L-I (spelling it out). On Sansara. You’ve been to the Sansara landmass haven’t you? “No,” came the response. For Peter had never been outside Sunklands until now, although he knew of the other landmasses. So everything was turned on its head. In Jeogeot, Hucka Doobie, me, was low and on Maebaleia I was high. Lo-hi. Hilo. Peter knew that his mother had actually invented virtual reality, along with superglue. Denver Pyle merely starred in the attached infomercials.


This St. Lemon had almost forgotten the St. Lemon of Rubisea, his former existence.

Hucka D.:

Yes. He had almost forgotten. Sitting there watching his TV day after night and night after day. White on black on white on black. He was awaiting orders from his boss. Meanwhile he watched the tellie.


“What about Easter? What about the bunny?” he said, shaking Lemmon who can’t remember he is a saint from head to foot. Trying to get him awake. Slapping him even, maybe.


Is Lemmon the bunny?

Hucka D.:

Yes! St. Lemon of Troy. Bunny Boy.


Not Peter.

Hucka D.:



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