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“Check it out, Hucka D. November 4, 2010

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This little synchronicity indicates to me that Otaki Gorge *itself* is this mythical Pit, this Religion Pit. Jack, you see. I didn’t remember it — Jack comes from somewhere else completely. The name, I mean.”



Hmm. See, it wasn’t there just 1 month earlier. There’s, of course, the famous palm tree marking Peter’s Grave, still in the midst of my property, and thus in the midst of Pietmond as well.


Hucka D.:

This would be just over a year ago, long before you bought the property. But you bought it from these “Bad Day Jack” guys, correct?



Hucka D.:

Well, then. I think you’re on to something (!)


Yeah. I think back to this post as well. Kind of about crop circles, true, but the mix of science, art and religion is mentioned here too. Maybe this combination of your Science Meander, your Art Line, and your Religion Pit is a path to true cooperation.

Hucka D.;

Gallery Jack in that diagram is perched next to A Pit [=Religion Pit] like the actual, virtual Gallery Jack sits atop the hill overlooking the Otaki Gorge pit. “Into The Pit”: an article in the very recently published Sunkworld magazine devoted to All Things Pietmond.

So now you have your self-feeding triangle. Art-Science-Religion.




But I’m researching the word “mobius” in the blog, and seeing that *you* — Hucka D./ Hucka Doobie — are the 4th that leads away from the self-feeding 3. You are the resolution.

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause)

Part 3.


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