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Gallery Jack Updates; Art Line November 3, 2010

Filed under: collage 10x10,Edwardston Station Gallery,Gallery Jack — baker Blinker @ 6:22 am

Added a pie chart representing the “Art 10×10” (alternately, the “Collage 10×10), right in front of the art kiosk in Gallery Jack, where I assume most people have been entering the gallery. A wall version of this basic concept existed at one time in the original Edwardston Station Gallery (see link just below).

Interesting that “pie” keeps coming up in various ways in the blog, and also personal emails.

And as I was just writing someone, this pie chart demonstrates an overall rhythm to the 10×10 that I probably shouldn’t go into in this particular post. Since, for example, I’ve already covered it here in part…

Then this same day I also added a map of Jasper County, Illinois to the very center of the gallery. 6 of the 8 series of the 10×10 take their names from towns within this county, or, in the order they appear in the 10×10, Rose Hill, Yale, Newton, Hidalgo, Wheeler, and then, well, Jasper itself. All these towns appear on the map, and — cool thing — the map Hidalgo lies just beneath the Hidalgo sign within the gallery, and also the Yale name on the map is quite close to the Yale sign at the bottom of one set of stairs.

If I turned the map the other way, Rose Hill town name would similarly be very close to the Rose Hill sign.

The names of two series of the 10×10 do not appear on this Jasper County map, although they are both named for towns that exist not far at all from the borders of this county. This would be Greenup, 1st series of the 10×10, and then Oblong. Not coincidentally, these two series are housed in structures separate from Gallery Jack, or SoSo perched atop Gallery Jack now (Oblong series), and then House Greenup in front of the gallery (Greenup series). What this correctly implies is that Gallery Jack and the series within represents Jasper County itself, especially focused on the northern part of the county where, again *coincidentally*, a latitude event recently discovered called the Art Line passes through. In fact, the very center of this line (39.1) runs through the middle of all these illuminated towns.

Regular readers will know that a large labyrinth exists at the center of Piedmont which Gallery Jack is a part of now. The Art Line happens to be all about labyrinths. Must be some sort of connection don’t you think?? As I told my friend Flynn (friend in SL *and* RL), once I study up on all this, I plan to contact appropriate people associated with this cross country phenomenon and see if my collage project fits into their ideas. Quite exciting really! Flynn is also the one who told me about this Art Line, but neither of us knew that a connection existed with the 10×10 at the time.



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