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JCCS November 3, 2010

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“We know several, additional things now. We know that the Art Line controls a Meander appearing Coast-to-Coast. Remember The Valley of Nye and the comparison with the Martian Valles Marineris? We know this has something to do with the Art Line, perhaps even caused by it (or visa versa?). This is deep stuff, literally and figuratively. We know The Bill are involved. HEC Canyon.

“The Line controls The Meander. However, there are additional controls set up. The Line builds up to the Gallery Jack which is the same as Jack County County Seat. JCCS for short.

“You can ask questions now.”


Can Gallery Jack move up and down The Meander? Or across the Art Line?

Hucka D.:

No. Next question. It has to stay put where it is to bridge the two, to calm the jitters of The Meander. It is JCCS.


OK, thanks. Alright. (pause) What does Monstrous Moonshine have to do with this, and why are the 2 numbers of Chance, when multiplied, 50 short of this legendary number?

Hucka D.:

The Meander is called the Art Meander, actually. What was the question again?


It was about the relationship of Monstrous Moonshine to Gallery Jack and the meeting of the, um, Art Meander with the Art Line.

Hucka D.:

My bad, it is actually The Meander. A third region has been identifed as well: A Pit. A proposal has been put forth to call these[, actually,] the Science Meander, Art Line, and Religion Pit, but I don’t think it has enough votes to pass.


What is A Pit?

Hucka D.:

It is the place a fully manifested Jack goes after assimilating the energy of the Gallery experience. It is a depression where Grassy Noll and I, Hucka Doobie, are locked in mortal combat forever and ever. It is the dual source of all.


Interesting. Hold on…

Hucka D.:



It is related, then.

Hucka D.:

Yes. You had another question?


Yes, back to Monstrous Moonshine…

Hucka D.:

Oh, right. Well the falling 50 short part is very important indeed. String Theory my friend. Calming The Jitters, The Meander. Science Meander. Art Line calms, leading to Religion Pit, all unofficial names for now, of course.


Can you tell me, physically, where this Religion Pit is?

Hucka D.:

You know where it is. Third Life. Beyond the First beyond the Second. Third. Jack is within. Giant Jack.

Part 2.


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