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Roots for RL… November 2, 2010

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Again and again it has been demonstrated to me that Second Life is a rather closed system that has a danger of feeding upon itself at times.

It’s the bee’s knees in terms of entertainment. Certainly better than network TV. It is the future of computing, a future — 3d web, that is. But once you don your avatar skin you are in a different world and it is small compared to the real one. Real small.

Have fun, push the envelope, and be aware while in that skin that it is not you. You are reading these words.

And now back to the show…


1 Comments to “Roots for RL…”
Warren Zevon says:
November 2, 2010 at 4:49 pm

Wow! I never thought of SL as feeding upon itself to sustain itself! Everything in Pietmond is running so smoothly thanks to cannibalism???


3 Responses to “Roots for RL…”

  1. peterpaulmounds Says:

    I would think if it feeds upon itself it would eventually grow bigger than the real world, as in a snowball effect. Explain.

  2. baker b. Says:

    Or grow smaller and wink out of existence. 🙂

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