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Pietmond Town Hall – November 2010 November 1, 2010

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In Attendance: Baker Blinker, Baker Bloch, Karoz Blogger, Baker Buddy Boy Baker Boy Toy, Hucka Doobie, Wilsonia Foxclaw, Bracket “I’m baaack!” Jupiter, Warren Zevon.

First And Last Time Attendees (don’t bother to friend!): Baker Buddy Boy Baker Boy Toy (all rights reserved).

Motion made to kind of parody recent Chilbo Town Hall meeting minutes due to fact that creating own town minutes is way too hard. Motion carried by sustained laughter. Warren Zevon opposes.

Motion approved to rename the now vacant Gallery Nine to Gallery None. Warren Zevon volunteers to make sure all “i”s are changed to “o”s in town signage, and to clean out Gallery None structure of leftover art.

Many thanks to the Pietmond residents who donated to the building of Peter’s Cabin on Peter’s Way, thereby providing select pilgrims to Peter’s Grave shelter from the town’s often nasty elements. Wood donation: Warren Zevon.

We’ve been discussing how our community has shrunk and atrophied over time, and based on feedback from the 2009 Pietmond Census and other conversations, we think it’s time the Pietmond Town Hall on Main Way get demolished. The building, plunked down sometime in early 2007, will be replaced by a nice fountain. Future town meetings will be held in an open space to be announced.

Following the meeting, we went down to Warren Zevon’s Gerbils & More to look at potential fountain models around back. Warren provided an example of a classic gerbil fountain and we decided that we didn’t want to brainstorm along those particular lines.

Pietmond Main Street circa 2008.

Pietmond Main Street circa 2010 (yesterday)

Warren Zevon motions for 10th town meeting in a row that Pietmond declare Lime House, former residence of legendary child actor and pantomime horse Ticky Bill, an official historic site. As in previous meetings, motion was both carried and denied to the confusion of all.

The meeting adjourned at 12:24pm. The next Pietmond Town Hall is scheduled for 11AM SLT on December 11th. Full transcript available in the Pietmond Town Hall until demolition.

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1 Comments to “Pietmond Town Hall – November 2010”
Warren Zevon says:
November 1, 2010 at 4:49 pm

Wow! Great job community members! Everything in Pietmond is running so smoothly thanks to all your hard work!