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Teepot East Flag (Semi-official) November 30, 2010

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Bottom to top stripes, colored blue, red, and green in order, represent similarly adjacent south-to-north Teepot East properties named Blue Feather Gallery, Redbird (Cardinal?) Pond, and House Greenup. In the refining process, the central red was changed to more of a fuchsia tone for aesthetic purposes.

The black chevron with a white, interior design stands for the 4th property clearly within Teepot East (outside of the ways themselves), or Rookwood Cottage, perhaps the heart and soul of the community as I’ve already mentioned, and lying east of all others. Voting members split between inserting a white rook chess piece and a white edelweiss bloom in the chevron, so an artistic portmanteau was settled upon, which I frankly think is kind of messy and confusing. But my vote only counted once, and Hucka D., always a troublemaker, had the other. It is what it is.

Still an interesting creation, and one worthy of being including in this blog for sure, I feel.


Blue Feather on Blue Jay Way

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So… I moved the Blue Feather Gallery to Teepot, condensing the old “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” in the process. The sidewalk it lies upon? Blue Jay Way, obviously. And I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned already that the official version of House Greenup now sits across Redbird Pond from it. Green-red-blue, all in a row, then. And to the immediate west is Rook Way, connotating the color black. Up on the hill above the newly positioned Blue Feather Gallery, reachable by Number 9 Way, is perched Gallery 9. Nest presently empty.

I haven’t talked to Hucka D. in a couple of days. Let’s at least briefly see what he’s been up to or has to say.

Hucka D.:

Hi. Do you know who Ticky Bill is, yet?



Hucka D.:



This is because I had to change Orange House in Teepot West to Lime House, which is the supposed home of Ticky Bill in Pietmond.

Hucka D. (emphasizing):

You are Ticky Bill here. That is your home.


Lemon House was absorbed into the Blue Feather Gallery, Hucka D. Very interesting development. I just ate through the walls, creating 2 small side rooms that were formerly the 2 floors of this house. And that’s the only reason I had room for “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” in that building. I had to mash together the 2 structures. Literally, they were mashed against each other and then merged by removal/editing of some abutted walls.

Hucka D.:

As you understand, Teepot East obliviates many of the property problems of Pietmond. Pietmond simply needed a sister city to continue its own existence. An Eve to its Adam. Lisa to Oliver. Crabwoo is now no more. You move there; then a day later the sidewalks are pulled up defining its existence. Chance? Again: no way. Blue Jay No Way. Instead Teepot is your sister city. Teepot and Pietmond. Around Chilbo. Around Parktown. Even Crow’s Foot. We all scream for ice cream now. Thank you.



Top of Rookwood Cottage, and blackbird singing in the dead of night.

Multiple rooks: make a parallelogram. This represents Rook Way itself.

Rookwood Cottage interior with Jasper 02 and Jasper 03 collages.


Teepot, 02 November 29, 2010

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More details from freshly laid out Teepot. First up is an abutting of two, separate buildings, which eventually merge into one, in essence, to become the newest permutation of the Blue Feather Gallery. And probably the smallest as well. The smaller of the two buildings is called Lemon House in Pietmond. The larger building is a new one, but also from Moard Ling, who made Lemon House and a number of others located in Pietmond and/or Teepot.

One of my favorite parts of Teepot: varying green textures in bordering vegetation as one walks from Rookwood Cottage toward Downtown on Blue Jay Way.

Looking back down Blue Jay Way from whence he came. The small forest in front of Blochs here is called Rook Wood.

Fountain area in unincorporated Teepot West. Suppose I should have put one or two benches here so Baker wouldn’t have to sit on the ground to enjoy. The deal-i-o is that, of the two halves of Teepot, only Teepot East will have incorporation status, and will belong to me, baker b. (primary avatar: Baker Bloch). Unincorporated Teepot West in contrast, has been turned over to mayor wannabe Hucka D. (1:1 match with avatar Hucka Doobie). Don’t worry, it will sort itself out in time.

Baker walks into Rookwood Cottage, on the east edge of tiny Rook Wood forest.

Views of Rook Wood from transparent wall within. The cottage now includes two Jasper series collages, each containing rook images.

‘Nother view of town, looking northeast this time.

Looking east.

View from inside the gazebo also transplanted from Pietmond, and within a second, small wood in Teepot West, as yet unnamed.


(Crabwoo > )Teepot, 01

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With the sidewalks pulled up when I came back online after Thanksgiving break Saturday, I suppose we’ll have to call Crabwoo officially dead. In this case, walkways do indeed make the town. Dazed and Confused has also been considerably downsized in the past several days. So I purchased my 2000+ sq meter parcels there just in time to witness the death throes. Odd… but not that odd for Second Life, where such synchronizations are certainly too frequent for mere chance to explain.

Seeing the writing on the wall, I decided to go ahead and delete all the structures on my land there, including “Downtown” and the blue Victorian house, leaving only some vegetation and a single pool with 4 yellow fish. No, Crabwoo would not turn out to be, in any way, the sister town of Pietmond, as Peter perhaps envisioned it at one point. The super-cheap 4096 parcel sitting beside my land did not provide any type of temptation, unlike it would have a week ago.

But despite this obvious setback, Pietmond would get that sister city he so desired very soon indeed. A number of cheap parcels, all 1024 sq meters and under, I believe, surrounded a single, small home in Maeshill, a sim I already had my blue Victorian house set up in near the southwest corner. Once the purchasing began and houses/buildings set up, what was subsequently named Teepot shaped up quite quickly; within a single night sans some work on the inclusive galleries. Basically the original version, this one night’s work, represents a mere reshuffling of structures already found in Pietmond.

The most difficult part was the purchasing of the final 2 parcels, which involved some careful land abandonment in Otaki Gorge. No use in cutting an arm off to save a leg, you see! In other words, I didn’t want to ruin the integrity of Pietmond for minor gain in Teepot. As with a lot of my land dealings, once a door was opened I knew that what would take shape would do so steadily and decisively, with minute by minute decisions all along. What to keep in Pietmont? What in Teepot? It was a balancing act all along, but especially toward the end.

Anyway, here’s a view over the resultant townscape from Gallery 9, set up on the last land purchased so far in the area. Not as big as Pietmond, but still a really nice view, I feel. Much of the land surrounding the town is abandoned, so the vacant spots to the right and left will in all likelihood remain just that. On the minus side: also not much land to purchase for future growth. Teepot will probably always stay about the size it is.

From Gallery 9, still empty (but with some prims left over for future work, despite the filling up of the Blue Feather Gallery in the meantime — see below!), Baker walks what soon became known as Number 9 Way down some stairs and into the meat of the town.

He climbs a Burl Tower — not set up on any of my land since Azure Islands days, I don’t believe — and takes in the limited view. To his left is the Blue Feather Gallery, still without the condensed “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” exhibit that I would set up the next day. In the center is what would be named Redbird (Cardinal?) Pond, with attached waterfall. To his right is House Greenup, already with collages within, just as it still is in Pietmond. More on that duplication soon.

Strolling west on what would be dubbed Blue Jay Way the next day.

Halfway down is a walkway leading off to the right and toward House Greenup.

Name now: Rook (Crow?) Way, because it points directly to the Rookwood Cottage, as the photo looking south demonstrates below. Rookwood Cottage dead center, and one of the few Teepot structures *not* found in Pietmond. My feeling is that this cottage represents the very heart and soul of the community, although I haven’t worked out all the details.

There’s also an essential split in the community between east and west to deal with. Teepot East acts as home to the several galleries (House Greenup, Blue Feather, Gallery Nine). Teepot West contains the old, now vacant Downtown area, and also some additional residential units. The Rookwood Cottage actually straddles these two, defined sides, although it is mostly within Teepot East.

Overhead view of the town’s core with the central parcel here called “Victory” and belonging instead to Nelson Bartlett. Welcome to Teepot, Nelson! Hope you like it; looks like you might be stuck.

View looking southeast that takes in more of the whole town. Home o’ Fibs and Lime House are clearly seen in the foreground now.

But that isn’t really all of Pietmond, because, like I said, I already had House of Truth (blue Victorian house)
set up nearby. So here’s a view looking northeast this time, with Downtown not far in the background. There’s also a small Alpine Cabin bar set up in the woods next to this House of Truth.


Crabwoo, Etc.

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BFD, 02 November 27, 2010

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“I believe there’s some more work to do in Crabwoo, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:



Let me throw out some theories. Blue Feather Douglas — he was *not* the greatest professor in the world but instead isolated himself inside his Mayan temple on the southern end of the Blue Feather Sea. He saw this as the Temple of TILE, first one, and where Peter first heard about TILE. The temple may have been painted in the TILE colors, even. (pause) Then I also have a theory about the crop circles on the west side of the Blue Feather. I believe Peter found these while at college in Crabwoo; perhaps even his first case revolved around them. Crow trapped in middle… died. Named Pennsylvania, same as the avatar (?) Peter originally treated them as a prank.*

Back to BFD for a minute, he shuts himself up in his temple because he has found a link between Second Life and Earth Life, the Blue Earth. He creates the *ultimate curse*: Maebaleia will always be second to Jeogeot as a 7:6 relationship. 1 will always be missing in the former as opposed to the latter. This is probably a curse on Crabwoo itself, and that Crabwoo will eventually be absorbed into Chilbo as the latter grows and the former shrinks, almost out of existence. This is the curse. Blue Feather Curse, which is very real in this case. Instead, Crabwoo is probably slowly absorbed into some kind of Earth matrix.

When Peter returns to Crabwoo in Season 2 of Pietmond, he finds out about this curse or else remembers it. Tries to get into the temple but it is locked. No one inside. Crabwoo has shrunk to almost nothing. I wonder where Hucka D. went? Anyway, that’s the deal. The “1” has left Maebaleia and gone to Jeogeot. This is Chilbo. It’s also similar to a plot element of admittedly one of the weaker Torchwood episodes we watched recently, where the energy of 2 characters are directly linked and one is draining the other of life force and increasing her own reciprocally.

How to reverse this curse, then, this Blue Feather curse? As soon as Chilbo is born and starts to grow the drain begins.

Peter goes to Crabwoo in large part to study with Blue Feather Douglas, the great lawyer. But Blue Feather becomes increasingly remote from the college during Peter’s stay there — disappointment. Becomes involved in the TILE religion and its development, which Peter, at the time, thought a waste of time for such a great talent. Thought he was losing it; going crazy.




BFD November 24, 2010

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Below is a scene from the Corsica continent. I won’t say where just yet. My feeling is that I may “live” here soon enough, on this hill. New Greentop? At the least, I believe it is an alternate reality purchase already: I had my eye on this land just before the cheap Otaki Gorge parcels came on the market, swaying me in that direction.

And I’m admittedly keeping tabs of a couple of other places in Corsica for possible, breaking real estate deals. And I still have a soft spot for Greentop in Asha, but there’s been no land available there since I started monitoring the scene about 2 months ago, save for a way overpriced 512 or two.

In fact I’ve been looking at land in about *every* mainland continent now, even though I’m still quite happy with the main chunk of my allotted tier being tied up in Pietmond. I’m looking to continue the story of each, as it were. Maebaleia’s obviously having its turn again now. Next? Who knows. The focus remains on Jeogeot, as it has been for about a year and a half now.

I’d even like to return to Sansara to own land — don’t think I’ve ever actually owned there. I should create a survey of all the properties I’ve either owned or rented. It would make for quite a list now.

Let’s bring in Hucka D. to see if he has anything to add to the Peter/Pietmond story, or anything else.

Hucka D.:

When Peter went to Wu U., Kashmir was an obvious center of the community. Rumors abounded: underneath was the Zeppelin tube, a legendary device or tool that was inserted into the throat of Robert Plant variant to make him sing like the Golden Guy he is. Unlimited power that can only be used for good or evil. Like flubber.


Thanks for that, Hucka D. How are you doing tonight?

Hucka D.:

Well; thanks. (pause)


I think I’ll set up a very abridged version of the Blue Feather Gallery in Crabwoo, Hucka D. Maybe limit it to just Sunklands. Dunno.

Hucka D.:

Blue Feather should go there. Plan it out. You have the House of Truth, Maebaleia-style, next door. Good to see.


How many…

Hucka D. (interrupting):

Three. Pietmond ran for 3 seasons.


Mind reader!

Hucka D.:

We’re only a bit into the second season in our discussions. Peter went to school in Crabwoo. Studied with the ultra famous lawyer Blue Feather Douglas, with an Indian name but not an Indian himself [unlike Douglas Blue Feather]. BFD, sometimes mistakenly called BDF, taught Peter about the link of SL and your RL, your [Blue] Earth. Peter and Karoz took a trip to The Moon [sim] — it was sort of the highlight of their familial bonding, being cousins and all. It was a special course. Gypsies. Curses, perhaps.*


Maybe they went to Otherland.

Hucka D.:

No, it was The Moon. There Karoz found another E, an island this time. BFD wanted to show him that. This would be just after the college retrieved the mysterious, giant E from the Blue Feather Sea itself.

BFD wanted to show Karoz [and Peter] that the E has been known about for some time. It is Ancient. And it will show up again.


They somehow controlled the slow formation of Jeogeot, east to west, with this E (!)

Hucka D.:

Yes. Unfolded, it became the same as the Korean Channel, Karoz’s “Inland Sea” as he use to call it.


You said before that The Moon and attached sims were the only ones that decided not to join the Lindens in uniting Maebaleia, unlike the parallel Mos Ainsley for Jeogoet.

Hucka D.:

The Moon held secrets. You should go back. As Karoz. And look at the Blue Feather again.


I suppose in those days there was an actual land bridge between Maebaleia and The Moon.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Erased when the Linden grid passed through Maebaleia, which was after the formation of Sunklands. First Norum, then Sunklands, and the Maebaleia. Lastly Yd Island [Nautilus] and then Corsica/Gaeta. And that’s The End.


* Hucka D. later indicated to me that this was humorously referred to as the “Curse Course”. He also identified Blue Feather Douglas’ huge mansion as being in the same location as a Mayan Temple on the lower edge of the Blue Feather Sea itself. Interesting — I’ll make sure I visit that temple very soon and record it for the blog here. And Blue Feather Douglas *certainly* learned in college that the colors green and especially red are more powerful than blue, although he perhaps attempted to hide this bit of knowledge from most everyone.


Theories: November 23, 2010

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Peter went to Crabwoo U. at approx. same time as Karoz, who was his cousin.

Knew of finding of Big E in middle of Blue Feather Sea. Some thought it was fraternity prank. Karoz still found?

Peter really enjoyed this area and thought of settling here. Crabwoo was approx. the size of current Chilbo. Crabwoo went down (in size), and Chilbo went up after their basic equalization in May/June, 2009, or when I first moved to Jeogeot.

Crabwoo will be a sister village (*the* sister village?) of my Pietmond.

Peter was required to take a course in Sinkology at Wu U. Studied 10 mainland sinks, ending with Sink X. Perhaps thought he might settle in Sink X, but then became later attracted to Pietmond in the Otaki Gorge sink. Maybe did a paper including that sink, and had a nice back and forth exchange of emails from someone in the village. Perhaps Warren Zeevon? (Werewolf of Linden?).

At Crabwoo U., Karoz learned that TILE proved toy avatars only exist in Frank and Herman Parks (green and red, 7 and 6) and not Mythopolis (yellow, 5), nor Blue Mountain (blue, 8). Instead Mythopolis and Blue Mountain are seen as archetypal parents of all toys. In Mythos, there was an attempt to establish toy avatars in Sharon, before it joined Wazob and became the last “p” in the pod, as the story goes. St. Nick’s adventures in Sunklands is a carryover of this experiment.

Peter was happy enough to go to a local university, but mama Hucka Doobie insisted he get the best education. A decision was made by Hucka D. and probably Chesaw (sort of absentee father, or at least father figure) to pay for education in Crabwoo U., which could be reached in those mainly pre-Linden days through the relatively nearby Rabbit Hole (Blackmount).

Peter used the Rabbit Hole to come home during college days. Crabwoo U.’s speciality, one of ’em, was the study of (Blue) Earth itself, and a RL-SL link.

Hucka Doobie warned that if the Linden Grid passed through Sunklands and deactivated the Rabbit Hole on that side, Peter might be trapped in Maebaleia for a while, 8 1/2 long, long virtual miles away but separated from Jeogeot by the uncrossable void (Black Behind?). If this happens the Maebaleia side will shrink in size and somewhat close up, as per its current status (but not when I found it originally in August, ’09).

Peter’s days at Crabwoo U. will take up a whole, individual episode of Pietmond, The Series TV show. Gives backstory of Peter.

Peter enjoyed sailing in the Blue Feather Sea. Loved the patterns on the sea floor. Others didn’t quite understand his fascination.

Where is Blue Feather Douglas in all this? And did Cousin Karoz really study to be a jeweler at Wu U. or did he study the TILE g/p/r there? What happened to the Big E after it was found in the Blue Feather Sea (by Karoz?)? Was it brought to Crabwoo itself, perhaps laid out in an open space there or propped up there?

Finding the Big E was simultaneous with the Linden Grid passing through the Korean Channel. But that would only form later.

Sunklanders (Peter?) thought the sinks would be protected from the effects of the Linden Grid wave; the depressions would act as kind of a sanctuary. This turned out not entirely true. Details?

Mama Hucka Doobie explains to Peter about how the Rabbit Hole works before he first goes through it to get to Crabwoo and attend college there. Explains that Jeogeot and Maebaleia are actually two snapshots of one thing. Based on same grid of 36 x 43. Peter asks: well who made the Rabbit Hole?

Hucka Doobie doesn’t answer, but in this blog it’s stated the Ancients made the hole. It’s creation is coded into the ESBUM carrcass.

I believe the action of the various sinks only *delayed* the effects of the Linden Grid.


Blue Feather Douglas headed the team examining the Earth-Second Life connection? Connection severed when Linden grid passed through Crabwoo? Considerably after it passed through Sunklands.

Blue Feather Douglas is called the Father of TILE. He taught that 5 and 8 make 7 and 6. He showed up and everyone thought region was cursed. His powerful energy had to be countered by green purse and then red purse before yellow showed up in abstract way. Kimball liked yellow. Kimball is counter to Blue Feather Douglas?? Is sea named after him, or did he name himself for the sea?


Blue Feather Sea, 02 November 22, 2010

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Interesting fishing hole tucked in the northwest corner of Bunyip. An underwater house lies within the pond just over the border in Banshee to the north (not pictured).

Overall, Banshee is a very nicely landscaped sim, with numerous trees, rocks, and dotted with small cottages and houses. The great majority of its land belongs to the Navajeevan Friends group that also owns the grain field with the crop circles pictured before.

This is one of the small structures I mentioned dotting the Banshee landscape. And I’ve already taken a picture of it before for this blog, it seems: in June 2009, when I connected it to the mysterious entity or group known as The Bill through its chicken-ish legs.

In the northeast corner of Banshee, owned by DB Consotium instead, is this giant maze of rectangular design.

Moving back east to the Blue Feather, Baker comes across the artificial island pictured below. Now a bad build, obviously, but he prefers Linden terra firma instead of “unnatural” landscape additions.

Seeing a spot where he could rez objects on its northern shoreline, Baker, impromptu, decides to take a sailboat ride back across the sea toward Crabwoo and his new home.

In the pictures below, you can see some of the beautiful, perhaps even mysterious patterns decorating the sea’s floor.

Landing the sailboat on some of the good Governor’s land in sw Guiler.

Texture aberration between adjacent sims next to this landing spot that caught Baker’s eye.

Picnic area with swing beside the sea. Beached sailboat to right.

Nearby queerly shaped aquarium, holding only a single, newborn, blue whale. Perhaps a creature snagged from the *Blue* Feather Sea itself?


Blue Feather Sea, 01

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Baker looking out at the Blue Feather Sea again from the hill owned by the Live Music Journal, in the Valefare sim. Spectacular view here.

Baker descends the hill and heads out into the shallower water of the Blue Feather, checking one of the first sea bottom discolorations he comes across. He can’t decide how much time to spend on thinking about them.

Running the green ridge between the Blue Feather and a smaller body of Linden water to the south, unnamed for now.

Still on the ridge, I believe this is a high spot in Phasmogoria, where Baker can look in a southerly direction and see the smaller sea…

… and then, turning to the north, view the southern edge of the Blue Feather Sea.

Baker then decides to teleport over to the opposite side of the Blue Feather from here, onto an interesting looking beach strip in the Linden owned sim of Hastwaite. More marvelous views.

Inside what appears to be a small village owned by the Hogfathers group, and based around a flower business it seems, Baker comes across what might be a picture of the Blue Feather Sea in ancient, pre-Linden days. Probably not, but you never know. This would be in Mapinguari, immediately west of Hastwaite.

Nicely landscaped hillside to the west of this village, then, still in Mapinguari.

Running up a curving railroad track in same…

… to the top of what the land description generically calls Mapinguari Hill, about 55 meters high at the top as opposed to the 20 meter level of the Blue Feather Sea below. Baker breaks from his exploring to take a quick nap at a picnic scene.

Just over the border, in Wolpertinger now, appears this larger structure collectively called the Virtual Ability Experimental Community Housing Units, a “residential and community area for members of The Heron Sanctuary and Virtual Ability.” No idea… but it looks like the group owns about 1/2 of the sim.

Nearby: crop circles! Nice, and I can’t remember seeing virtual depictions of these circles before (called “grain circles” here), although it might just be that faulty memory again. There are 3 circular patterns total in the small field, with the two larger, of exactly the same size and pattern, it seems, shown below. That’s a crow in the middle of the foreground circle. Trapped in the center during the actual (non-terrerstial) formation? Then there’s the interesting tidbit that one of the two owners of the land, Pennsylvania Paine, has this description in the 1st life tab of her SL profile: “On the internet, nobody knows you´re a crow…”, and with an accompanying picture of a crow on a fence in the same tab. Interesting to also note that Pennsylvania Paine owns the crow (trapped?) at the center of the below circle.*

Heading further up into the green hills west of the Blue Feather.


* Pennsylvania also owns the psychedelically garbed scarecrow (“Mortimer”) in the same grain field.