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I’m *still* in RL sometimes… October 31, 2010

Actually I’ve been hiking considerably more in RL (real life) lately than in SL (Second Life), because it’s been so pretty. 3 nice weekends in a row now.

The first picture comes from weekend before last: a neat waterfall on a stream tumbling off the side of Grandaddy Mtn., about 15 miles away from our real world dwelling unit. It’s about a 15 foot drop, maybe more. This stream is not on any official path. In other words, I had to do some open woods hiking to get to it.

Moving closer to home, then, in Herman Park, and the very beginning of what I’m calling Quartz Brook. I’ve known about this small stream for years and years and years, but only recently have discovered two interesting quartz rocks not far down the mtn. from this source containing crystal formations I can’t recall finding in such distinction before. And both from the same exact location. I’ll hopefully have more on Quartz Brook soon. My personal feeling is that it may have become the focus for some kind of toy mythology revival over Whitehead Crossing. Part of this is because of the “Michael Problem.” I may have more to say about that as well.

Meadow above Quartz Creek, on the side of Wealthy Mtn. (perhaps another blog subcategory!). An abandoned spiral road leads to the top of this mtn., and on an even more abandoned side road lies a mini-maze you can walk on a smaller hillock. There’s a similar but larger (and better known ) road maze in Herman Park as well, but several miles away from here and not on the same mtn.

Perhaps mysterious row of bent rhododendron near Quartz Brook (Quartz Run?).

Shot of Grandaddy Mtn. from the road atop Wealthy Mtn. Nice. Leaves are just past their peak at this time.

The final two photos are of zigzaggy quart patterns found on two separate rocks in neighboring vales to the one containing Quartz Run. I’m tempted to call these “Serpent Stones” for obvious reasons.

Just today I made a very interesting excursion on the lower half of Greenhead Creek, opposite of its head if you will. Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera. I’ll attempt to do better tomorrow, which promises to be an equally beautiful day. I also want to include pictures of those quartz crystals I mentioned at the first of this post.


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