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Exploring some sinks… October 30, 2010

Filed under: Big Sink,Lill Burn Valley,Otaki Gorge,Pietmond — baker Blinker @ 7:28 am

Baker Blinker dancing with some new Halloween friends at the Crow’s Foot. Quite a lot of fun, but perhaps she’s had a bit too much to drink (?)

Later that night, a sober Baker Bloch just starts running around the Otaki Gorge property aimlessly and soon ends up on nearby Route 10, heading to the heart of Big Sink and perhaps beyond. Old and familiar territory by now.

Q’s Glass ‘n’ Gas in Brouwer. Always nice to view and visit, and a bit of stability in an otherwise mostly changing landscape in Big Sink.

New diner near my old property in Pudding Hole Hill. I hope that’s a hot dog on top, and I also hope he’s sticking out his tongue for some reason and not the other thing that comes to mind. Won’t go there. But still unsure, if so, why the tongue is out (?)

Attempt to ride an abandoned ice cream truck along Route 10 in Wetas failed miserably for Baker Bloch. I think it was just a *bit* broke, since it kept trying to burrow underground and also never actually got on the road itself for any length of time.

Perhaps mysterious lights nearby.

Baker looking back on Big Sink as he exits to the west… really not a lot there any more.

But a welcome sight: in neighboring Lill Burn Valley it appears that a portion of the Felix Meritis monastery is being restored. I’ll definitely have to check back every now and then on progress made. Really cheap land for sale around part of the lip of that particular sink, but, no, Baker can’t go there.

He’s very happy still in his quirky, little Pietmond, with its houses intruded upon by rocks…

… and tree infested rooftop dining offering great views. “I think I’ll eat at the downtown bar over there tomorrow night,” he thinks contentedly as we leave him to his musings.


2 Responses to “Exploring some sinks…”

  1. peterpaulmounds Says:

    You should ditch Baker Bloch and go with Baker Blinker, Baker.

  2. baker b. Says:

    Baker Blinker appreciates the compliment!

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