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To Blackmount Again, 02 October 28, 2010

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In attempting to break into the trailer, a baffled Baker gets caught not in the window, but *inside* it.

But, silly him, the front door is standing wide open anyway, as he manages to pry himself loose and head around the corner. Once safely inside, he encounters this queer table with an illogically long notch in it and a chocolate muffin on top. And that’s about all.

Baker sitting on Peter Frampton’s porch again, waiting for the pond to disappear once more.

Just up the hill from the trailer may be the most mysterious part of Blackmount as Baker has identified it, if it isn’t the trailer itself (come to think of it now). Oh, besides the Blackmount Rabbit Hole, of course, which is *super* mysterious still.

But first, a joy ride in a passing, futuristic one seat vehicle of some sort, which deposits him at a local shop selling, by an incredible coincidence, hehe, this very same vehicle. But he must head back to the sink and tonight’s business.

Yes, here it is at last: The Anglo-Saxon *Rabbit Hole*. And just below the *actual* Rabbit Hole of Blackmount, only a mere 100 meters away to the southwest and on land owned by the same group. I have had the pleasure to speak with one of the owners of this land via comments on my blog here, and now understand that the Rabbit Hole, the actual one up the hill from here, was created through a bug long since erased, allowing one to terraform *way* beyond the now normal +4/-4 meters. For, as I’ll remind you, the Rabbit Hole is a good *90* meters deep, with actual Linden water encountered at the 70 meter level as you head down.

I didn’t take a picture of it, but Baker especially wanted to make sure the Peterboroug Cronicle’s front page was still inside the Anglo-Saxon Rabbit Hole — it was, and the first of four pages along the south side of the defined ground.
Baker now thinks this is the heart of the mystery of the sim, along with the Rabbit Hole itself or in conjunction with it — and also the Peter owned trailer just below. I’ll get to more of that soon enough.

Here is something Baker doesn’t remember about this particular Rabbit Hole: a Torchwood plaque…

… and then a book as well. A little research comes up with an associated science fiction TV show, apparently a spin-off of the famous Dr. Who British series, and acquiring a sort of similar cult following in and of itself.

The series is more or less centered by a rift located in Cardiff, Wales, specially in Cardiff Bay just south of the downtown area. Is it chance my RL wife just stayed in a motel across from Cardiff (in Clevedon, England), and was able to see the city from her high, rocky perch there? Perhaps not.

Baker is also interested to see a Wales flag flying nearby, but not owned by the same group. Does this, too, indicate some deeper mysteries about Blackmount?


To Blackmount Again, 01

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Baker Bloch heads back to the Blackmount sink for inspiration about how to progress in Pietmond. He knows an important episode of the Pietmond television series (have I discussed this yet??) ends with Peter being thrown or pushed into the Blackmount Rabbit Hole and coming out “all crazy”.

Baker first explores the Mt. Owen sim just south of Blackmount, finding a new but quite incomplete city there hovering just above ground level, and taking up the whole sim. Baker has a hard time understanding why people don’t build right on top of the ground, nor, in this case, why they would put a screen around their city to block out the great views. However, the yet-to-be-filled-in metropolis did have a quality nightclub already, called Club Underground. Nice textures; I’ll attempt to send Baker back soon for some pictures, perhaps. But tonight the focus must be Blackmount.

Baker stares down into the bottom of the Blackmount sink, turning around from the same position as above.

He saw this art in a small house on the lip of the sync before, but on a hunch takes some additional shots now. Baker can’t decide if this is a stylized picture of a real life place (or totally imaged place), or an actual photograph from a Second Life location.

Same goes for this one. The descriptions read “Spirit Grove” and “Merien Artwork” respectively. Probably not a virtual photograph, don’t you think, upon looking at it again now.

This is new: a crooked house near the bottom of the sink, along with a weird or *eerie* lake that keeps appearing and disappearing right in front of Baker. Afterwards, I thought of a possible connection with the “Eerie Pond” depicted in my old sketchbook, and recently discussed by Hucka D. as he inserted the appropriate page from this sketchbook directly into the blog here. More on that later, perhaps.

2 shots demonstrating the vanishing quality of this megaprim pond. Never seen anything quite like it, although I’m sure that’s from a faulty memory. Let’s call it Baker Bloch’s faulty memory, instead. 🙂

Baker sits on the edge of Peter Frampton’s porch, which brings us to part 2 of this 2 part series.


Nautilus Central

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Yet more new digs, this time in the upper center of the Nautilus continent. I see it as only a base for exploring, and not a place to put up a new gallery. Not yet anyway. I have enough to do in Pietmond still.

But it is placed in a location I’ve haven’t really explored in depth yet, perhaps a kind of gap in my mainland investigation so far. The only place on the Nautilus continent I’ve “lived” yet is Yd Island in the southwest. I think it was another worthwhile, cheap purchase, and I had some tier remaining to be used up elsewhere besides Otaki Gorge. I simply moved Orange House intact over there and mixed in a more tropical landscape, including quite a number of palms in the sandier parts of the 1024 parcel.

Not sure what is going to happen to my Corsica examination now that I’ve given up all my land there. But I’m sure it will be a focus again sometime. I probably have years left in SL so no huge rush. It’s filling in a giant jigsaw puzzle.