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A Town Sent, 01 October 23, 2010

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In the last 2 days I’ve transformed my Otaki Gorge land into a small town of sorts. Natural name to assume: Pietmond. And so it was.

View of the center part of the town from Gallery 9, which, technically, is also part of the town, as is neighboring House Greenup. The 2 sub-galleries of the Edwardston Station Gallery are still there.

There are no roads within Pietmond, only sidewalks like this, which I might term “ways”. I’ll probably individually name them as well. This one Baker trots down here, for example, might be called Long Way because it is quite long,

I love some of the psychological spaces of the town, like this view north along another way that crosses “Long Way”. Name?

New structure I’m playing around with, another Moard Ling creation like the centerpiece structure of the Edwardston Station Gallery in Orions Vale. Tentatively calling it The Castle in The Rocks, although it’s technically a gazebo according to the object description. Looks more like a castle to me, especially sitting up there on that perch. This is where the 4 prim cabin use to be, which has now been moved to the lot next door. I like the “castle” up there better.

View up to the castle on another way in the town. As I’m counting in my head now, there would be 5 individual ways within Pietmond, all almost straight as an arrow, and then an additional, curvy cobblestone walkway leading from the end of Long Way to House Greenup. 2 of my Fatima Ur concocted Victorian houses are to the left in the photo below, with the central cathedral of the town to the right.

Baker sits on the upper porch of what might be his personal residence on the property — one of two possibilities. Great view up Long Way and across the town from here.

Mouseview while sitting in same chair. That’s Gallery 9 dead ahead. Nice.

Baker turns toward The Castle in The Rocks now, still in Mouseview.


2 Responses to “A Town Sent, 01”

  1. edna million Says:

    Pretty Piedmont! It does look very european. Kind of Bathy, in a cool way-

  2. bakerblinker Says:

    Kind of weird, then!! Of course, it’s your town too. You paid for half of it. 🙂

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