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A Town Sent, 02 October 23, 2010

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Found a new, good spot for my almost 100 foot tall, 8 prim Italian Cypress, at the other end of the way that leads to The Castle in The Rocks. Great Lilith Heart product, and one I’ve seen used in landscaping quite a lot while traveling around SL.

But we should really get to the, er, heart of the matter and enter the cathedral, the dominating structure of the town, and yet another Moard Ling freebie creation. What could be inside that’s glowing so much?

Well, it’s just our old friend, the 7-circuit labyrinth placed atop the No Room Cemetery a couple of weeks ago by Baker Blinker. The center of the sink, then, remains the same. It’s just all been built up around it now. Pietmond is born.

Baker tries out one of the several sleeping bags near Peter’s Mound itself on the western edge on what could be called the downtown area. The idea here is that pilgrims have come seeking spiritual inspiration from the proximity to Peter’s grave. I suppose I could call the particular, shorter way, then, “Peter’s Way.”

Baker sits on the second floor of another, possible personal residence within the town, called Orange House. There is also a Lemon House and a Lime House in Pietmond, all structurally identical with each other — another Moard Ling creation. Yet another great view here through an interior, transparent wall. Baker has a tough choice to make.

Lower floor of Orange House, with TV that needs some minor repairs. The orange part of the wall in front of Baker here is phantom, and the only way to enter the building from the ground. Lemon House and Lime House have similar yellow and green phantom entrances respectively. They’re not as finished inside as Orange House, though.

Baker then takes a walk to the downtown of Pietmond to look around. He heads through the only door available, opposite the back of the cathedral.

The interesting upstairs of the 2 story “downtown.” Don’t know what I’ll do with this space yet. Gallery?

More on Pietmond soon enough!


2 Responses to “A Town Sent, 02”

  1. edna million Says:

    ooOOoooo!!!! Niftyness!!!!!!!!!!!! (don’t know if I’m signed in, but it’s Edna!)

  2. […] To remind myself and also others, this was Baker’s home going back to Pietmond in 2010, I believe. LINK […]

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