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Around Asha, 02 October 19, 2010

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More Corsica hills, this time along the northern edge of Peter’s Plateau, in Cloudrider.

Interesting “fishing area” in Lusca.

Details of subterranean water passage at same…

… including someone who was unfortunate enough to get stuck down here. Looks like he died while networking (?)

More interesting areas to the immediate south of this parcel. Baker must come back and check this whole region out in full.

Then continuing to move east into the the largest granite plateau of the continent, Baker soon comes to what has been called the Asymmetrical Village in this blog, an ironic name since it borders the sim of Symmetry.

The rabbit barista found in Baker’s initial visit to this village a little over a year ago has now vanished, or has else pulled a “Harvey”.

Ooops, perhaps that’s not the expression I meant to imply.

Then just over the granite ridge to the south lies the Edwardston Station Gallery in Orions Vale. Very nice.


Around Asha, 01

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1st I thought I’d throw in a picture of a bunny with interesting pattern that looks like bunny ears on the pavement before it. Purposeful reference or accident? I can’t remember exactly where this is, but I found it on the Corsica continent, perhaps the more northwestern parts (not sure), while, er, gallery hopping not long ago.

But to places I remember now, like the familiar grounds surrounding Greentop. The neighbor to the south has replanted their various hillocks with Caesalpenia (orange) and Lilac (violet) bushes. In checking today, Baker finds that the big house on top of the highest hill on the property has since been deleted. Will the property soon be up for sale?

Again biking past the landmark sky tower in Logray to the south. Baker couldn’t resist taking another picture of the interesting object.

Another irritating privacy screen that Baker has to pass through to get places more southward…

… like this interesting lagoon along the southern Corsica coast that lies in the 3 adjacent sims of, west to east, Aldar Beedo, Odumin, and Naberrie. Looking at the inworld SL terrain map right now, it appears like the only inlet from the sea lies within Odumin. A raised Circuit La Corse passes all along the southern edge of this inland body of water, as Baker is finding out below. Those sculpty fences keeping Baker safely on the long bridge are just not rezzing in for him tonight.

Beauty spot in Aldar Beedo, looking north across the lagoon from the Circuit La Corse.

Continuing away from the coastline, Baker soon comes upon this nicely landscaped parcel in Azkul to the east of Aldar Beedo. Access is unfortunately blocked for Baker this night, but in checking behind himself today, he finds that he can now freely enter a parcel called “The Woods.” I’ll send him back asap, then, to check up on it once more. Quite close to Asha.

Baker passes a mobius strip based sculpture on his right, and wonders about possible, mythological ties. After all, didn’t his user just describe the Corsica continent as a 3d mobius strip of sorts (Klein Bottle)? I know it to be so.

Western edge of the Ephant plateau sighted to the left as Baker continues northward on the Circuit La Corse.

Standing on the hill seen in the previous photo, looking across this route toward what has recently been dubbed “Peter’s Plateau”, perhaps the central and most important part of Corsica as a whole (?). Very nice scene, whatever.