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3d (4d?) Corsica — 1st stab October 18, 2010


Corsica Prime equals both state of Pennsylvania and Elephant combined. One obvious overlap or key of linking two coordinations is Elephant, Pennsylvania and Alexei Panshin.*

When Peter moved to Corsica Prime from Big I. in the Comet Archipelago (5th or 6th child of purple alien Hucka Doobie), he came to find or create GREEN. He established the central circle of the klein bottle shaped continent first, where the 4d cross is made. He knows that the stem of the bottle before it enters the interior of the bottle in our 3d translated model would be the same as the “Elephant’s Trunk”. He creates the Ephant sim and mtn. to mark the trunk. He coordinates Pennsylvania with Corsica Prime through the Egg Hill sink: this is the CENTREING. Egg Hill =s (weakened) eye. Ear is strong, in contrast, like an Elephant’s Ear. Chasm Deep becomes where the continent folds back on itself in the 3d model. Egg Hill sink is at least a remnant version of the circle marking the crossing of the bottle back on itself. This crossing also shows up in Peter’s Hill (gleaming white) cross, and like Egg Hill sink, is representation of an eye and also directly connected, likely, to Hackpen Hill white horse which is All White Horses — alignment between *4* white horse eyes. 4-in-1 or 4orrin1 or Foreign One (because it is so odd it appears “foreign”, another play on words).

Peter’s first and perhaps even greatest work (?) is the Great Plane of Bill, a twin of sorts of Ephant’s Trunk. First elephant must be reduced from granite topped mountain size (Billyfant) to hill size, just below mtn. but still not mtn. (Greentop). On this hill lies an ant, which is Baker Bloch which is Martin which is Peter. Ant is opposite of elephant in size, but yet is included in the eleph*ant*’s name. This downsizing of Mountain to (Mole) Hill is the beginning of Peter’s great mission in Corsica: to create a Plane of Bill that twins Billyfant, the stem of the bottle. The Mountain that becomes a Mole Hill becomes mobile as well — ability to move about because of slightly decreased size. Like Howl’s Moving Castle, but a less bulky, trimmed down version (like I just bulked down the Blue Feather to move it directly atop Greentop Hill). Actually, the Blue Feather comes from Howl’s Moving Castle as well: when Howl becomes completely covered in blue feathers he will not be able to change back into human form. But his face remains unchanged when Sophie finds him near the end of the film.

Peter’s creation of the Great Plane of Bill comes about when the Linden grid passes through the region, after it has just passed through Comma Islands with the permission from Bracket Jupiter and his queen (Stephie McQueen).

“Circle” (cross) of Peter’s Plateau region which also seems to include Egg Hill sink (also Greentop?). In this circle, Peter answers the question of, “What came first, the Head or The Trip?”


* Preface to Farewell To Yesterday’s Tomorrow here, signed by Panshin in Elephant, Pennsylvania:


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