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3rd Eye of Rye October 15, 2010

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“It’s obvious that the confusing answers to Eye of Rye are found in Third Eye of Rye, New York, baker b.”


Wow. Daylight convo with the Huckster! I’m honored.

Hucka D.:

It will be overlogical as usual[, though]. Because your big ass [little ass] brain will come between us once more. Elephant and ant at once. Ephant. Fulcrum [See??]. (pause) Oh look, a detour already…


Wow-sers. Story about an ant and an elephant. Sounds like, through the description, that the ant has found SL avatar powers, Hucka D. With his magic shoes he can fly and also walk through water, just like Baker Bloch can and all the rest. (pause to read the rest of the book’s text). Hucka D., I think the elephant is the Corsica continent as a whole, or at least part of it[ the “Billyfant” part]. The ant is Baker Bloch, attempting to conquer the mainland metaverse. Billyfant stands in his way. He steals the magic shoes (ie, SL powers of flight, walking through water, etc.), and uses them himself.

Hucka D.:

The elephant and the ant must balance themselves on your fulcrum. Black and white, the powers of the Universe.


Great, thanks. What is Greentop, then? It is it an original attempt to take power away from Billyfant, the Corsica elephant, and bring it back to the ant/Baker Bloch?

Hucka D.:

Yes. Short answer. Green beyond and below Gray. Logray is not low enough. It must lower itself further to Green [in Asha just to the north]. The elephant, your Billyfant again, cannot follow there. It is not too high, nor too low. It is an Ancient Rising. It is Grassy.


And that causes, er, a revolt, an “ant revolt” against the too strong powers of the elephant, this Billyfant if I may call him that.

Hucka D.:

[You can call him ]whatever. Then Second Life is created backwards, actually, from this moment of man, your ant, your Baker Bloch, appearing on top of Greentop. He is full time Grassy and Huckster at once[, then]. He makes his own world below and beyond this Billyfant, see. He becomes Grassy; he becomes Huckster. Your Grassy; your Huckster. Greentop. Bee. Grass. Green. Huck. (pause)



Hucka D.:

Nose of Rose is confused with Nose of Rose. I mean, Ephant’s Trunk is not recognized as the Nose of Rose. Instead another peninsula is on the Plane of Bill. Planes to see. Eye of Rye was also created to forget that the real eye is on Peter’s Hill, and represents a cross made by four eyes. All White Horses are 1 White Horse.


What of Egg Hill sink?

Hucka D.:

That is his big brain/little brain brain power, baker b. That is also highest and lowest in one. Microcosm. Collager to collager. Carrier oner. Peter, black and white, will help, will reveal. Egg is eye. I i. Mirror. Black and white. Arab. Madness. Controller of madness through separation of August from August. North and south from center. Eye 2 eye instead of eye 4 eye.


I have reached The End, then!

Hucka D.:

What is the 3d version of the Corsica continent? You must go where the analogy is weakest and carry it through safely to Pennsylvania. That is the most perilous part of the journey through 3d. The elephant and ant must be friends to carry on. Elephant, Pennsylvania will be reached and understood.


E(le)phant’s Trunk

Why didn’t I see this before? E(le)phant’s Trunk!

Ear of Beer, which is probably same as Chasm Deep sink, is a representation of an elephant’s ear hole, and Corsica Prime’s central granite plateau that Egg Hill and Chasm Deep sinks are depressions within is the ear flap. Hints: both are gray.

Nose of Rose!

The Eye (of Rye) is displaced, but nevertheless has been matched to Ear of Beer through 1/9th “Martian” sims.


Why did The Bill design the Elephant’s Trunk/Nose of Rose of Corsica Prime, and the granite central plateau as an elephant’s ear? Something to do with memory? Horton Hears The Who? (elephants have keen hearing). Continued memory of SL when it is done and gone?

Additional thoughts:

Egg Hill sink, then, could represent the weaker eye/seeing capacity of the elephant (eye is shaped like egg, after all).* Eye of Rye is merely to double Ear of Beer/Chasm Deep sink, and to point out its significance.

Weak Eye/Weak “I”

Black and white statues (of “Peter”) in the center of the sink, in the new Edwardston Station Gallery, are sound (black) and sight (white) themselves. As the series are from Jasper County with Newton co. seat, Jasper =s domination of sound over sight for elephants. Jasper “encloses” Newton, and not other way around.

Study: Horton *Hears* The Who (and also complementary The Point of The Wall).


* Peter’s Hill and its white cross might also represent the elephant’s eye, since white=sight here.


Final thoughts for tonight: Peter’s Cross *is* the (white) eye, as related to the 1 White Horse are All White Horse idea of The King in Wiltshire. Is he still there with his Queen? Link: both are crosses, especial the eye of the white horse at Hackpen Hill. Peter must have had this knowledge as well.


Plane To See

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In revisiting the Linden Memorial Island, Rookwood sim to be specific, I am reminded how a great Second Life forest should look like. Really nice blend of standard 1 prim Linden plants with higher prim vegetation, throw in some tasteful birds and butterflies and such here and there.

Back to the Corsica mainland, Baker bikes north of Asha, heading toward Ephant or general vicinity.

The beginning of the Ephant range just ahead.

Previously undiscovered hillock next to a rental unit in east central Chalmun, a sim caddycorner to Ephant to its southwest. Pretty soon I’ll attempt to make a list of all the mountains and hillocks around Asha, and perhaps the whole of Corsica.

Approx. 115 meter high Mount Ephant dead ahead, looking over top of a smaller granite hill in neighboring Klaatu.

Btb, I’m quite sure that the Ephant sim is named for yet another Star Wars character called Ephant Mon:

I wonder if this name is a play on “Elephant Man”? At the least, the character has a long trunk like an elephant. Trunk emphasis again. Klaatu itself also seems to be named for a minor Star Wars character with connections to the more famous Jabba The Hutt, like Ephant Mon himself.

Another granite peak, this time in the very interesting Dormillous sim with its many artificial ridges and valleys, courtesy of the imaginative people at Tomorro’w Surenity, a group which owns the great majority of this sim.

Some examples of aforementioned terraforming below.

This night Baker makes it all the way to one of his now many outposts on various mainland continents, this particular one located in Toeda, and with a great view of a double humped mountain just over the sim border in Fontaine to the south. This would be in the very heart of the Plane of Bill, as defined so far in this blog.