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Gallery Jack October 12, 2010

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New gallery holding *part* of the 10×10, actually the majority of it but not all of it. Here’s what seems to be happening: the 10×10, the original Edwardston Station galleries holding it anyway, seem to be fragmenting into several pieces in the last month or so. We can now follow this progress through, first, the creation of SoSo, then House Greenup, and now a brand spanking new one I’m calling Gallery Jack, the largest of these fragments. Not sure if I have the time or energy to explain all this in a blog post tonight, or if I really, fully understand it myself so far, but, whatever, the 10×10 seems destined in the immediate future to be split into 3 separate collections according to the above galleries. The full 10×10 will still reside in the Edwardston Station Gallery in Rubi, but that’s no longer my land.

Let’s just move to some pictures of Gallery Jack and maybe the basic concept will clear up. This new gallery, like the larger of the 2 Edwardston Station Gallery structures in Otaki Gorge currently (soon to be removed, I assume), sits right in the center of an identifiable mainland sink as I’m defining them in this blog. But in this case we have not a Jeogeot/Sunklands sink, where 6 of the 8 known examples exist that I know of, but a Corsica continent example. I’ve recently discussed what lies at the center of the considerably larger of the two identified sinks of that continent, or the Chasm Deep sink. What lies in the middle of the other? Well, Gallery Jack now. That’s right, I own larger pieces of land in the center of 2 of the 8 mainland sinks, 2 of the smallest mind you, and perhaps even the 2 smallest. But still… odd, don’t you think, that I could buy really cheap land seemingly exactly where I should buy land anyway. Gallery Jack lies in center of what I’ve cryptically termed Egg Hill sink, stumbled upon back in September 2009. It’s a blog subcategory, so you can follow the progress of my thoughts concerning it here.

To some pictures, then. The gallery really revolves, as it were, around two rather crudely made statues I’ve named Newton (white) and Jasper (black). Together, and working in harmony, they create the archetype JACK. I won’t go into details about this right now.

The gallery itself, which I’ve modified a bit, was created by Moard Ling, and offered as part of a huge selection of freebie structures, objects, textures, avatars, etc., etc. at Freebie Folly in Llimeta at Skidz. The 2 statues are also Ling creations, although they didn’t come with the gallery originally. I found several examples of Ling’s statues, including the two used in the gallery, in a mall just below “Peter’s Hill” topped by a white cross, the highest hill in the immediately vicinity of my Greentop. I’ll attempt to write about finding this statue not far below the cross later on this week, in conjunction with pictures already posted to this blog. For now, we’ll leave it as an uncovering of a stark black and white constellation of objects, which directly transfers to the 2 black and white statues in Gallery Jack now.

More angles on the 2 statues, the first being through an approx. 5 meter diameter hole in the top of the rectangular Gallery Jack.

Shot up toward the green foliage textured ceiling through the statues, showing the inverted Mole Hills (yet another Ling creation) I decided to adhere there. These mounds actually change shapes at random. Collaging heterogeneous “stuff” together in SL is so much fun, hehe! And also, I suppose, this inversion of a hill would also relate to the name Egg Hill sink, come to think of it, which would more logically be called Egg Hole sink. And to be complete, the concept of “Mole Hill” has also been mentioned at times in the blog. You can do a search for the phrase yourself to see what comes up.

Keeping in mind that Gallery Jack and its inverted mole hills, et al, lies at the very epicenter of this Egg Hill sink, of course.

On either side of the main corridor of the gallery, in 6 distinct, large rooms, lies the 6 individual series of the “Art 10×10” that are exhibited within Gallery Jack. The rooms are “sealed” once you enter them, meaning that the entrance to the room is transparent on the outside, but appears as part of the wall on the inside. I’ve marked them in red so that you can also make your way back out of the room once inside.

Great view of the surrounding, granite mountains from a westward facing window in one of these rooms.

In the central plaza of the structure, framed by the giant black and white statues (Newton and Jasper) already discussed, are plaques with all the names of the various series in the gallery, telling you which stairs to use or direction to go to get to them.

To the east: Hidalgo, Wheeler and Yale.

To the west: Rose Hill, Jasper and Newton.

But Gallery Jack isn’t the only structure I have on my Orion’s Vale/Egg Hill sink land. I’ve also inserted an offangle, tiny bar in the heart of the mini-forest I’ve created there, just to the east of Gallery Jack. A bar bare footed Mr. Bean once again serves as the “barwoman” of this new establishment.

And finally we have steps on the very east end of the property leading up to a grassy parcel containing a tree that represents a relic from a past time paradise within the sink/valley. This abstracted walnut oak tree once held a picture of an egg in its branches.

One could assume this is the origin of the name Egg Hill sink. But that might be incorrect.


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