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To Orion’s Vale, 02 October 11, 2010

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Before leaving the Circuit La Corse to head east to Orions Vale, Baker snaps this picture of another Mole creation: a roadside “Video Phone Booth”, which you can actually make a call on. On the particular one Baker is checking today, there are several channels to choose from, each featuring a particular avatar “receiver”. Nice.

Making his way up the granite slopes. This would be in Jormungandr, if I’m figuring correctly.

Much more uneven ground encountered on the east side of Twilights Bound.

Then it’s just a hop and a skip over the ridge line for a great view of Orions Vale with this particular draw distance, before all the buildings and ugliness within rezzes in. Hey, just kidd’n new neighbors! 🙂

Finding a central swath of the Egg Hill sink up for sale, it didn’t take me long to start buying up all the land there and setting up structures, including what quickly transformed into a tiny bar in the middle of a small forest.

Then for the rest of the land bought that night, it was on — also quite rapidly — to bigger things. Eventually what happened is the creation of an entirely new version of the Edwardston Station Gallery. An early permutation is pictured below, complete with a central fish tank since removed. For the record, there was also a giant fish tank that use to center the Egg Hill sink on the very land I bought this night. I include a picture of it in this very first post of mine concerning the sink from September 2009, before I even had a proper name for it.


To Orion’s Vale, 01

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Before getting to my weekend biking trip, thought I’d throw in a picture of yet another parcel I recently bought. Like Greentop, this is situated on what I’m calling in this blog the Plane of Bill, the central, green, peninsular-y part of the Corsica continent, and what also makes up the western part of Corsica Prime.* This is a 1024 parcel in Toeda more near the center of this identified plane. I soon abandoned it for other interests I’ll get to in a moment.

My bike trip started just before this Toeda abandonment. The aim was to travel around the western loop of the Circuit La Corse. The interior part of this loop also includes my Greentop property, which I *still* own as of 10/14/10. Despite the subsequent move of House Greenup to Orions Vale (yes, I’m once again a number of days behind on generating text for these type of travel posts), I think I’ll keep Greentop for a while longer. But to the trip, once more…

Below is an interesting shot of landscaping just behind one of the official (“kiosked”) galleries of the Corsica continent, called Studio Carlo Pimpernel, a Dutch artist whose home page is here in case you’re curious. Very nice gallery by the way, and it looks like he actually hired an SL architect to create it. The parcel behind it, pictured below, represents yet more abandoned land, in the center of the Naberrie sim. The least they could do is revert the land back before leaving. Oh well.

Baker found a variety of objects for sale, including this house, at a more interestingly constructed roadside store in Meewahl just south of Naberrie.

Here’s the store itself, a multi-level, open air affair, hehe. Baker passed on buying anything here, despite the reasonable prices. He might return, though — not far from Greentop, after all.

Arriving at the southern end of the aforementioned Circuit La Corse loop, Baker pulls out his trusty Arcadia Asylum bike and heads north on the eastern side of the loop.

More open land encountered in Seadramon, beyond the more crowded coastal area. The Moles have done a great job improving the highways here, including adding rock walls in places and hedges in places.

Baker looks toward the western edge of the great granite plateua centering Corsica Prime. He peeks at his SL map (or, I guess, *I* peek at the SL map for him) and decides that since Orions Vale is only 2 sims east that he’ll allow himself a detour tonight to take a look at the place he first visited a bit over a year ago now, and which figures as part of this blog mythology through the Egg Hill sink centered within.

The visit turns out to be quite a bit more than just a side trip. Quite a bit more indeed.


* To remind, Corsica Prime is the large, central island of the Corisca continent, which is also, technically, an archipelago like the Nautilus continent is also an example of.



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