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Green Plane, 02 October 5, 2010

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Baker in what I’ll leave as an unspecified location near Logray. In the distance is a small, unassuming mound that could become a center of attention for the Baker family in the immediate future. For now I’m calling it Greentop. Importantly, perhaps, it’s *not* a granite topped hill but remains green from base to peak. But it represents about the highest hill that could remain so before textures slide into the granite region. In this way, it seems to have certain qualities akin to the former underwater Sansara hill known as Hilo Peak. More on all this quite soon, I suspect!

Shot from nearby Kid’s Place Shops.

A beauty spot at yet another nearby granite mountain, in the BoShek sim. Actually 2 adjoining granite mountains lie within this particular sim.

The higher of the 2 BoShek mountains from a neighboring sim. Baker looks across an official body of Linden water here, slightly inland from the beach and straddling the Cerasi-Skynx sim boundary.

Baker stares toward another rounded hillock in the interestingly named Ancient Rising. Quite near the ocean this time, and in a rental establishment with a French Quarter theme. Once more, the hill is too low for exposed granite to show at the top.

Nearby lighthouse on a much flatter and spread out hill.

House perched on an unterraformed hill, also in the Logray neighborhood. Or is this how the owners like it? (probably not)

To the east of the great plane or plain lies this crossed topped solid granite mountain, which Hucka D. states Peter The Good or Peter the SoSo (whatever) use to own. In fact, I think he’s hinting around that Peter formerly laid claim to the *whole* central Corsica plane/plain, perhaps in conjunction with the still quite mysterious and little understood person or collective known as The Bill.


Green Plane, 01

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Baker Bloch and I are really starting to sink into a mythology especially surrounding the middle, greener parts of the Corsica continent. Here’s Blochs admiring the topography shift from rock to grass on the eastern side of the great granite plateau centering Corsica Prime. In other words, he’s on the eastern edge of this middle “green plane” that interests us currently.

Baker biking through a somewhat more urban area near the southern coast of Corsica, again on the more recently paved Circuit La Corse as it rounds the bottom of said granite plateau. We’re in Meewalh here, with a definite beach town like vibe going on. Just beyond the location pictured below, the Circuit La Corse splits in two, with one part of the road staying on a westward course and the other heading back east and then north. Eventually the two splits will reunite a number of sims north in Lusca.

Baker continues west, then. In Naberrie, the road turns into a fenced in bridge over Linden water, which continues into Odumin and also Aldar Beedo. Quite nice scenery here.

Heading north off the road in Aldar Beedo, Baker explores a large, natural parcel called “Della’s lush slice of heaven,” which includes this group of Stonehenge-like standing stones that Baker remarkably finds he can float inside of.

Baker then finds himself on the northward course of the Circuit La Corse…

… but soon is tempted by offroad exploration again. Here’s he’s in Yarna beside an approx. 50 meter long pond with 1 pier, 1 small boat and 1 very slowly swimming duck. Ahead is one of the many interesting, isolated granite topped peaks of the central Corsica plain, this particular version being in Gardulla one sim up from Yarna. And, actually, 1 sim south of Ephant, where I had a rental last year for about 2 months.

Baker atop another of those granite peaks in the area, this time on the eastern edge of Logray. Interesting use of a tiny tree to mark the top.

The letters positioned on the side of the hill advertise the Belar Ishun Social Club and Courtyard parcel making up 1/2 of the Nield sim immediately east of Logray.



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[joined in progress]

“Peter *lived* on Corsica.”


Fascinating Hucka D. But only a small time.

Hucka D.:

*80 percent* of the time. Bold that.


OK. So that’s my attraction for moving back.

Hucka D.:

Bracket Jupiter merely paved the way for the entrance of the Martians. Blue Martians this time, not Red. You buy that piece of property you have your eye on and you’ll see. Also note in this blog that you couldn’t initially buy it because of SL bugs, just like you couldn’t intially rent in Ephant in that similarly cheap place there. You’ll see. 240/160.


4/3. Interesting.

Hucka D.:

Peter lived *there*. He was fascinated with this green plane. He knew it to be both Blue and Red Mars at once. This is where Bracket Jupiter found Brainard.


But that’s a lie.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Opposite of the mound you want to buy (smiles). That is ultimate Truth, instead.


What of Otaki Gorge? I guess it will have to be slowly carved up.

Hucka D.:

Slowly, though. Take it easy.


“The green plane was cleared of both blue, right, and red, left. A calming center was established. And on that flat plane appeared dimples. Points and dimples. Smudges. A picture formed… magic.”

Hucka D.:

Magic Squares. Like the one he used to later create Sunklands and US.

Peter was well compensated for his sacrifice.


Peter did not want to recreate the error of Bracket, so he owned the hill and consecrated it. Truth. But not the hill pictured above. Yes. What of my hill, the one I want? You can see it in the distance there. Kind of. That was not Peter’s hill. That’s *your* hill. But Peter owned it[ also]. Yes.