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Plan(e)s October 4, 2010

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* I’d like to send Baker Bloch back to England, perhaps the Lake District this time instead of Wiltshire. Not sure if the whole Baker family will go with him again (sans Wilsonia Foxclaw), but we’ll see.

Thought: Baker Blinker came back from England just recently, where she stayed with the Queen and King in Rockney, and found she had been replaced by what she called a “dolled up doppleganger” in SL in the meantime. One or the other had to go, so the new Blinker killed off the old Blinker. Hucka Doobie had no such problem (nor Baker Bloch), since their appearances hadn’t changed, and thus they had not created similar dopplegangers.

I actually can’t wait to send Baker Bloch back. He may head to Greenup Gill first.

* I need to work on map studies again, perhaps in conjunction with SL exploring and creating but perhaps not as well.

* I need to read over what I have on the subject of toy avatars, and try decide a next step for that mythology.

Thought: both Baker Bloch (and family) *and* toy avatars could head to England soon. Mossman? Grassy Noll?

* Enjoy SL while it’s around in existing form, but at the same time keep in mind that time is limited. Make the most of it. And that means probably keeping Otaki Gorge and see what happens next.

* Hucka D. has indicated to me, or hinted around, that Sapphire may no longer be a regular board spirit, perhaps replaced by Peter but perhaps not. Make log of who board spirits have been down through years now. Sapphire’s been around over a half year, I believe. Before her, Plant was the main guest spirit on the blog (Robert Plant Variant). Variants were created to help me understand the Sunklands Initiative, and what went on there.

Hucka D.:

Jeogeot has been a constant for a year and a half as well. Peter must be contacted in some way[ to continue].


You said he still wasn’t ready.

Hucka D.:

He’s ready. Cross of the Lamb.