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Depth, Power October 3, 2010

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“The power, the *depth* of Chasm Deep may be too deep and powerful to tap into properly. It may overwhelm, causing disorganization instead of the opposite. A certain critical mass can be reached, but it is difficult. Cooperation must be powerful… deep. It hasn’t occurred yet. They’ll have to start all over, in essence.”

Hucka D.:

Well… you know how that goes, he he.

bb (laughing as well):

Yes. You just start all over. It’s only virtual pixels. Save what is good, throw out what is bad. And be merciless.

Hucka D.:

They need to let the Metaharps themselves tell them how to tap into that energy. All of them, together, can do it. And it can be the most powerful and deep thing in Second Life itself, if accomplished. Much more potential power there than Otaki Gorge. But, to them, they can learn from *you* and your smaller sink. Don’t you think?


I suppose so. Just simple lessons. And, of course, that the energy at the center of the sink exists in the first place. And the relationship with Orion’s Vale, which is *really* in trouble (raises eyebrows). I don’t think Sachie could be pleased with the degeneration of that area.

Hucka D.:

No (pause). So are you going to hold on to Otaki Gorge even now?


Yes. I suppose I should. Don’t you think?

Hucka D.:

Yes. What of Baker[ sim]?


I guess it will have to go, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Shame. You must pick and choose poisons from now on. But too many options, as you said, are better than too few.


An old man, going a lone highway,
Came at the evening, cold and gray,
To a chasm, vast and deep and wide,
Through which was flowing a sullen tide.
The old man crossed in the twilight dim;
The sullen stream had no fears for him;
But he turned when safe on the other side
And built a bridge to span the tide.

“Old man,” said a fellow pilgrim near,
“You are wasting strength with building here;
Your journey will end with the ending day;
You never again must pass this way;
You have crossed the chasm, deep and wide”
Why build you the bridge at the eventide?”

The builder lifted his old gray head:
“Good friend, in the path I have come,” he said,
“There followeth after me today
A youth whose feet must pass this way.
This chasm that has been naught to me
To that fair-haired youth may a pitfall be.
He, too, must cross in the twilight dim;
Good friend, I am building the bridge for him.”



Moving down the water John is drifting out of sight, It’s only at the turning point That you find out how to fight. In the cold, feel the cold all around And the rush of crashing water Surround me with its sound.

Rael manages to grab a rock, pull himself to the surface and catch his breath. As John is carried past, Rael throws himself in again and catches hold of his arm. He knocks John unconscious and then locking themselves together, he rides the rapids into the slow running water, where he can swim to safety.

Striking out to reach you, I can’t get through to the other side. When you’re racing in the rapids There’s only one way, that’s to ride. Taken down, taken down by the undertow And I’m spiralled down the river bed, My fire is burning low. Catching hold of a rock that’s firm, I’m waiting for John to be carried past. We hold together and shoot the rapids fast.

But as he hauls his brother’s limp body onto the bank he lies him out and looks hopefully into his eyes for a sign of life. He staggers back in recoil, for staring at him with eyes wide open is not John’s face — but his own.

And when the waters slow down The dark and the deep have no-one left to keep. Hang on John! We’re out of this at last. Something’s changed, that’s not your face. It’s mine!




It happened in 1930. I did not know if I was alive or dead, but I went to the other side. Pea pod peaple were lined up with numbers. Pre-borns. John as #9. Then Lily… she led me. Golden globes. I was here. I knew what Lamb was. Lamb[ County].


At the time Plant X was being designed, power plants were usually named after their location. During the initial stages of the design process, no location had been selected, so engineers referred to the generating station simply as “Plant X” and the name stuck.

Pluto’s volume is about 0.66% that of Earth

Once found, Pluto’s faintness and lack of a resolvable disc cast doubt on the idea that it was Lowell’s Planet X. Estimates of Pluto’s mass were revised downward throughout the 20th century…. Lowell had made a prediction of Planet X’s position in 1915 that was fairly close to Pluto’s actual position at that time; however, Ernest W. Brown concluded almost immediately that this was a coincidence,[40] a view still held today


Note to Science: try to stop using the word “coincidence” as blanket coverage for any unusual confluence of events encountered.


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  1. […] And Mars is not in orbit like the other two. I’m just going to guess that this is tied into recent mention of Earth, Texas on this blog, a tiny town in Lamb County where a power plant called “Plant X” is located. Hucka D. […]

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