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Reenter The Labyrinth September 26, 2010

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Otaki Gorge seems to react to recent progress made in Baker sim (addition of Edwardston Station Gallery there) with counterpunch: a central “Labyrinth Lake” at the very bottom of the sink, courtesy of Baker Blinker.

More soon. The No Room cemetery is still intact, although completely engulfed by water now. You can still see the tombstones through the transparency, some of which poke above the glowing surface a bit.

Original story on Baker Blinker’s labyrinth here:

Baker Blinker then visits Baker Bloch’s newly placed Edwardston Station Gallery in the Baker sim, and thinks to herself, “I can’t let Baker delete this again. It’s perfect here.” But we’ll see.


I don’t think this warrents a new post, so I thought I’d stick it here. New place in Craggen Maw, a 512 again. This is near the center of my precious Big Sink, so pretty in the past and not so pretty presently (but still with its spots).

I have a decision to make between abandoning 1/2 of my Otaki Gorge property or giving up the rental in the Baker sim soon. Right now, I’m leaning toward the latter (yes, it seems to change hourly), and I think yet another (small) property purchase could be in the works soon.


Wiltshire (RL UK County)

Tonight the wife and I were watching the 3rd episode of Season 3 of Jam and Jerusalem (stateside: Clatterford), and I noticed that two of the locations mentioned in the show were homes of 2 famous Wiltshire white horses, namely Westbury and Pewsey. In the episode, called “Dinner Party”, a train carrying most members of the aforementioned party was stalled by floods in Wiltshire. At first, the host of the party was rung up to say that their train was in Westbury, then a second ring up gave news that their train had actually moved backwards to Pewsey.

Both of these locations are also mentioned in this March blog post concerning white horses. The Westbury horse is actually a part of the alignment weirdness described therein. The Pewsey horse, one of only a few horses left out of these alignments, is still shown in the map at the end of the post.

Purposeful nod by Jam and Jerusalem to the famous white horses? Might be. I’m researching Jennifer Saunders, who both co-wrote Jam and Jerusalem (and thus “Dinner Party”), and also starred in this particular episode as the host of the dinner party in question, and also the wife of the man who kept ringing her up about the train progress through Wiltshire. Saunders is probably most famous for her portrayal of Edina Monsoon in Absolutely Fabulous, and is also well known as half of the French and Saunders comedy team. Dawn French also stars in Jam and Jerusalem, and both French and Saunders have expanded roles in “Dinner Party”.

I basically only mention this because Wiltshire was brought up in my post from last night (immediately below), stating that The Bakers have left the company of The King and Queen in that county now that the 2010 UK crop circle season is apparently over. The King and Queen’s house in Rockley is very near another white horse at Hackpen Hill.

Instead of creating another new post tonight I’ll just chat with Hucka D., if he wishes, in this one. “Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

Train. Stall. Flood. Wiltshire. Pewsey, Westbury. White. Horses. All white horses are one white horses. Horse. Golden Horse. Eye eye. There was something in Wiltshire that the host of the party should have been aware of. White Horses. One. Eye. Opening. Closing.



Hmmm… that’s from a very old post of this blog about an eye found in the northeast corner of the Rodeo sim, even before Baker Bloch was born in this Second World. Let me find the post in question. (pause) Oh here it is — you left it open for me (!)


Hucka D.:

Your wife Edna thinks that you shouldn’t talk to me as much as you do, and that you should go back on your medication.


*You* are my medicine (smiles).

Hucka D.:

Right-o. So… you understand…


I understand that I may have to stay in Baker, Hucka D. Here’s a picture of what I created tonight there.

The Edwardston Station Gallery, larger version, seems to work quite well there. *But*, if I do stay in Baker, I’m going to have to downsize elsewhere. And that means Otaki Gorge, since that’s the only place I have to downsize from now.

Hucka D.:

I never liked you leaving the ESG behind, baker b. That is most closely identified with you as Baker. That is where you are *from*. The Blue Feather is an extension beyond yourself in an attempt to contact others. You need both: you need to be constantly reminded of where you come from and also where you are going. You need both past and future converged in the present.


Thanks, Hucka D. What of Wiltshire and The King and The Queen? The Queen and The King as well?

Hucka D.:

The season is over. There was a place of ultimate contact but only in the future will the past be revealed. You also had several communications from The Queen/King in Second Life.


Yes, the key hole shaped crop circle in Wiltshire, obviously, but also another Wiltshire crop circle that appeared to form a hole between 2 parts of Second Life or Second World, or between Magicland of the Bracket sim of Comma Islands and, on the other side, Ratcliff of Heterocera. That is a strong remainder of the grid before the Linden Lab grid. Reminder. Mickey’s hole, a mouse hole but perhaps also one for a rat. A particular Rat. Map Rat.

Hucka D.:

Map Rat, yes. Gang of Willard. Gang of One.


The Bill again, then.

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause) Careful.


What of Bracket Jupiter, then?

Hucka D.:

He figured this[ part] out. He let the LL grid pass through Comma Islands but got rewarded in the process. Rat Hole. Mouse Hole/Rat Hole. Gang. Willard.

Marion Crane resurrected after her shower stabbing as doppleganger (“sister”) Lila Crane in Psychogumma (2000)