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Return to Darkside September 25, 2010

Filed under: Darkside — baker Blinker @ 5:58 am

Some early Fall shots of Darkside. Incredibly warm here for late September. Close if not at 80 degrees today at home.

Darkside is a blog category, and these particular pictures mostly supplement those I’ve already taken, like this one below of the top of Hobbit Rock, looking from the east.

Foliage still barely turning.

Passage through rocks near Hobbit Rock.

Large rock marking the East Wall of the Darkside mini-bowl. Interesting tracks around it. Bear? Trash near the north lip of Darkside also adds support for nearby bear habitation. I doubt that there are any bears in Darkside itself.

Fairly interesting shot of a side of the fabulous Temple of The Moon from the east.

I’ll attempt to take more pictures of Darkside later this Fall, perhaps even providing a map. I’ve certainly had a fun packed 2 days of hiking so far on Beach Mountain, but if I had my druthers I’d have taken my Fall vacation days in mid to late October instead of now. Tough to take decent shots of Darkside with so many leaves still on the trees. On the other hand, it was *really* nice weather up there yesterday and today.


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