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More Updates… September 16, 2010

Filed under: Blue Feather Gallery,House Greenup,Norum,Otaki Gorge,SoSo — baker Blinker @ 8:33 am

Replaced Gallery 9 near northeast corner of Noru, on my remaining parcel there (a 512), with just purchased Victorian house that I intuitively felt would be a great place to show the Greenup series of the 10×10. And it seems I was right. I call it House Greenup.


Alcove w/ transparent walls, giving that great view of the surrounding “lowlands”.


The Greenup series (20 collages) begins at Baker’s right here and works counterclockwise around the walls of both the lower and upper floors. ending at Baker’s left. Fits pretty well. And the house looks great, and slots into my narrow parcel perfectly.

View from long porch toward park-like grounds.

I don’t think I’ve included a picture of the expanded version of the lake in the park, so here ‘t’is. It’s quite deep for its size, although not really big enough to warrent a sailboat. Just for show, mind you. It’s a nice place to relax, and admittedly my favorite spot in Noru presently. Good place to get away from it all still.

Finally, I thought I’d throw in a snapshot from Otaki Gorge once more, showing some recently planted pink bushes in the pine woods on each side of the sink/gorge. And today I also tested whether the entire Blue Feather Gallery, current version, would fit onto this new property in any way. Success! Yes, I can move it to Otaki Gorge, but I’d ruin most of the views I currently have. So for now it’s staying put in Noru. But I left a bit of its pipe on the ground still (right), just to get use to the idea if needed.


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