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New art in the Blue Feather; new gallery (SoSo) in Otaki Gorge… September 14, 2010

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Kinetic art piece bought about a week ago from Tubular Gallery near Chilbo. Baker “sits” within and takes a fun ride. Inserted on middle of 3 patio areas of Blue Feather. Tubular Gallery added to appropriate maps and notecards. Go visit!

Couple more copies of famous art pieces procured from the Parktown Art Gallery. Once again, visit! There’s also an ad I picked up from the Red Leaf Gallery, which exists now only as a shell of the busy, functioning gallery it use to be (judging from the ad). I’d ask you to visit as well, but… well, it’s really not there any longer. Perhaps the Red Leaf will return; I’ll make a note to keep checking back. It *was* located just across the Hanja Infohub region from Parktown, in Hamneda.

Bought another beautiful etched glass art piece from Chilbo’s Kristine Kristan (K2 Gallery), along with another Chilbo piece by surrealist Janis Shamen (Ceci n’est pas une Galerie – Sur)

Finally a couple of Blinkertons for the second floor — yes he was a resident of Jeogeot — sometime, somewhere. 🙂

Moving now to Otaki Gorge, I’ve created an entirely new gallery called SoSo, a small affair housing, presently, 1 series of my “Art 10×10”, namely the Oblong series, my personal favorite as a whole.

Within you can look up for a great view of the palm tree marking the grave of Peter the SoSo, former resident of Otaki Gorge in pre-Linden days, apparently. This leftover tree acts as proof, after all (!) And so the gallery was named for this Sunklander Peter, who also, according the story/stories I’m still developing, left Norum sometime just before or after its absorption into the Linden Lab grid to come to this gorge/sink, perhaps the first such sink created.

As you can see, nature has not been excluded from the gallery. 🙂

Looking toward the Home o’ Fibs, as I’m calling it, from the large, east facing window of the gallery.

Overhead view. Since the creation of these photos, I’ve also made a path from the backdoor of the gallery (there are 2 identically shaped doors — front and back) to Gallery 9 transferred from Noru, up the hill a bit. More on that soon.

SoSo (gallery) was designed so that you could still get a great view into the center of the sink from the House of Truth (blue house in photo below) and Gallery 9.


2 Responses to “New art in the Blue Feather; new gallery (SoSo) in Otaki Gorge…”

  1. […] So here we go again. First I moved the entire Blue Feather Gallery from Teepot over to Pietmond, placing it at the, yes, former location of Gallery Jack. The latter has simply been deleted from my land, at least for now. I figured I already had the Edwardston Station Gallery in Rubi to point people/avatars to if they wanted to see my entire collection of collages. But the main catalyst behind all this is the reinstatement of the SoSo Gallery in the heart of Otaki Gorge, and on the same exact land, coincidentally enough (or not), that the original version use to occupy, as discussed, for example, in this blog entry from mid-September. […]

  2. […] (both stages 1 and 2 this time), and with the Oblong series still within, just like it was in this very early version from 2010, shortly after I moved into the Otaki Gorge […]

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