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Loose Thoughts September 10, 2010

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Been checking out the old continent again — fantastical new builds there by The Moles. Thinking about just chucking Jeogeot land and renting. Spot next to Isle of Baker available.

Might have to do something drastic to continue with Second Life.

Jeogeot = Carrcass-4

There’s an equation.

But I’m not sure if I can do it, and not until October. I’ve neglected Sansara since moving to Jeogeot in May, 2009. Perhaps I need some history. Some depth.

Updates: Okinu glyphs are no more. Neither are Hilo Peak and The Abomination, although I’ve known that for some time. Kahruvel Forest is still present but not to the extent as before. But I was quite amazed at the new Linden builds, especially in or near the water. New islands have sprung up (some just above Okinu!).

Seriously thinking, then, of just renting again. A 4096 would be probably quite sufficient for my needs. Abandon Noru land… rent. Keep a 512 there. Focus on Sansara and also Heterocera for a while.

Hucka D.:

Great the Lindens are improving Sansara in that way. Don’t you think? Maybe the Korean Channel is next.


I strongly advise against leaving Jeogeot, baker Beach.

Hucka D.:

baker b.


If Jeogeot *is* the peak of SL, the eastern half anyway, what of Sunklands? Is the de-energizing of Sunklands a sign I should leave?

Hucka D.:




Hucka D.:

Maybe. (pause) Carrcass-5 is coming up. Sapphire may not be in charge of that one.


Save money for CDs. Move back.

Hucka D.:


Sapphire (reinforcing):


Hucka D. (after a dramatic pause, and softly):



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