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About Jeogeot, 04 August 28, 2010

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Honestly, I can’t even remember where I took this. A small pool in a concavity somewhere on Jeogeot, I suppose. Maybe west coast? Just can’t remember… sorry.

Ah, yes. Parktown. Boyd Doghouse, mayor/king/emperor of the still burgeoning Jeogeot metropolis, was incredibly generous in setting aside space to promote the Blue Feather Gallery and, in particular, the “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” exhibit in the Parktown Gallery. Thanks a bunch Boyd!!

Amazing landscape on a 3 sim long island in western Jeogeot. I have no mythological name for this island — as yet! — but it’s in the middle of the deep channel that splits this western “claw” of Jeogeot in two. To the north lies an approximately 36 sim island (also unnamed) that forms the nw corner of the continent.To the southwest of the island, and just across the channel, is the larger community of Sternberg discussed several times in this blog.

The cone shaped mtn. in the distance is called Buffalo Run Hill according to the property description at its top, where the elevation is 110 meters. It stands near the center of the island itself. The mountain Baker stands upon to take the snapshot looking toward Buffalo Run Hill (below) is a larger and more spread out massif topped by “Perfect Harmony”, a parcel which advertises, “dancing and romancing in a mystical mountain-top atmosphere.” Elevation there: about 125 meters.

Oh, woops!, wait… “Perfect Harmony” is on a mountain directly *south* of the island in question (and southwest of Buffalo Run Hill), and not on the island itself. Instead the mountain Baker hovers above here, similarly shaped, contains largely abandoned land. Its elevation appears to be about 120 meters, with a lone house sitting on top that Karoz (checking behind Baker Bloch today) cannot enter because it requires an age verification check. The mountain lies in both the Buffalo Run and Silver Creek sims.

Some ruins in this channel, to the north of the island I believe.

What I’ll call Star Waterfall, for obvious reasons, just to the north of the island, on land called Skyhighatry Designs and/or Molecular Estates. The land description: “Anjin & Elzbiet Meili’s playground, home of the NEW Sculpty Garden, and Sweet Sculpties Sandbox.” I personally think sculpties are super cool — who doesn’t, really — but they frustrate me because of the time it takes to completely rez in. In the meantime, you just get this amorphous blob or zigzaggy shape that makes no sense, as you try to guess what is forming. But, still, they’re cool, and part of the wave of the future of SL obviously in some form or another.

To give an example, those stars in front of the waterfall took about 30 seconds at least to fully form so that I could take a proper enough picture.

Another waterfall on the same stream, further into the hills. This whole area has to be the most mountainous part of Jeogeot, forming many dramatic rises from Linden water.

We are also *now* quite close to the Nowtown/Zen City region, and the old stomping grounds of Little Robert Plant Variant.

Very top of the waterfall pictured above. I like the way you can see into the much lower landscape just over the top of the falls.

And, yes, we’re now in Nowtown itself, on the other side of the very same mountain. This is the lava flow that heads down into the Fyre Maven temple where Plant worshipped as a child. Still don’t know whether the Fyre Maven itself was some type of creature or just an old, wisened sage of some sort. I don’t think Plant knows either. Should talk to him again sometime in this blog. Catch up.

Baker Bloch relaxing in the Toonie Territory home of the Smurfs (land descrip. again) near the eastern top of the double humped mountain. On the other hump is the Nowtown castle with lava stream issuing forth just beneath it. Let me get you some elevation figures just to be complete. Eastern hump (Houndsfield sim): about 130 meters. Actually both humps of this mountain, east and west, are at about this same elevation.


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