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So… August 22, 2010

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(joined in progress)

“The pond was called the footprint because of that.”


Fascinating Hucka D. Hucka Doobie.


It’s also said that the pond sometimes shrinks to the size of an actual, normal sized foot. Remember, Hucka Doobie?

Hucka Doobie (calmly):

Not really. But I’ll take your word.


We find ourselves at the top of The Annex, staring out toward the Hanja Infohub. I’m glad I bought this land.

Sapphire (sipping tea, then laying cup back down on table all are sitting at):

It’s a nice view. I never got to enjoy it. The Infohub wasn’t built until I was… derezzed.

(Sapphire looked sad. I realized I’ve never seen her face so sad looking. In fact, I’ve never seen her face! I looked over at Hucka Doobie, the Bee. Pretty familiar, in contrast. Because he is an avatar I created, taken over by the spirit of Charles Nelson Blinkerton almost 2 1/2 years ago now. He hasn’t changed a bit… never got his eyes that he so desired at one time. I don’t think he thinks about them very much any longer. Nor Hurla Dontbee… thankfully.)

Hucka Doobie:

Thanks for inviting us. It’s good to be relatively 3d and plastic every now and then. Like a toy.


It’s been so long for me.

(How to describe Sapphire? She’s not quite rezzing in for me.)

(bb attempted to focus… Sapphire was to his right, Hucka Doobie to the left. All were sipping tea at various times. The 3 collages completed this spring were about the only other thing in the room. The walls were 90 percent transparent to the north and the west, giving view into the Infohub region and its vast grassland.)

bb (speaking to Hucka Doobie):

Maybe this is where we can hold the SID’s 1st Oz interview, the next one.

Hucka Doobie (sitting down teacup once more, and after a pause):

It’s nice. (looking at view)


Did I tell you I met someone here this morning, right when I logged in, Hucka Doobie? I believe she had just come down from this room.

Hucka Doobie (looking at me and then Sapphire):

Can you not focus in on Sapphire still? She’s crystal clear to me.

(I looked in Sapphire’s direction. Tried to meet a gaze. Wasn’t coming to me. “No”, I relied)

Hucka Doobie:

Too bad. She wanted to show up… she desired strongly to be here in this world, at this time.


I think I should check out more of the links of the woman avatar who was here. Her picks and such.

Hucka Doobie:

Always be aware where leads might come from.

bb (turning to Sapphire):

Are you sad, Sapphire?


No. I am glad to be here.

(I detected a smile, but still not focused in. I looked back at Hucka Doobie, who smiled a bit as well, then. They were being patient with me. Impressive, I think. We sit in silence for a bit, calmly sipping our respective teas.)


Peter will show up again soon.


About Jeogeot…

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