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Blue Feather Gallery Tour, 08/20/10 (Floor 1) August 20, 2010

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Welcome to the Blue Feather Gallery in Noru!

In August, the gallery has been redesigned/enlarged to feature an exhibit celebrating the continent of Jeogeot through art and word. Moving through the main part of the gallery bottom to top equates with moving around the continent in a general west to east and then south to north direction. The central Big E of the gallery, also new, stands in for the Korean Channel, the central sea of the continent and a type of pivot point.

Maps, notecards, web sites, and links to my blog, when appropriate, are found at the beginning of each of the 5 floors of the exhibit. Click on map locations (red balls) for related SLurls. A master map is found on floor 1. Much of the art is free, almost so, or nfs.

Also in the gallery as a whole remain some of the SL narrative works created in the last 1 1/2 years or so, including “E: A Letter of Stories”, “Wall of Ass.”, and “Baker Bloch in England”. Most pictures have accompanying text when moused over.

To visit exhibits assoc. with the Big E, select teleporter destinations that have “Big E” in the description. All officials gallery teleporters are marked with a blue feather. To visit the “Baker Bloch in England” exhibit in the tower above, use the “Up” teleporter just inside the door of the patio containing the “Blue Feather Gallery — Middle” teleporter.

And we have a bar now as well (!): Something to CHRO about. Select the “Blue Feather Gallery — Middle” teleporter once more.

LOOKING FOR MY 10×10 COLLAGE?? Check here!

Enjoy your visit!
– baker Bloch

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Blue Feather Gallery Tour, 08/20/10 (Floor 2)

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We begin our journey around and through Jeogeot on the west side, specifically on a large, unnamed island (to my knowledge) roughly about the size of a 6×6 square of 36 total sims. And on this island I’ve chosen to highlight two quite interesting and quite different galleries.

On the east side of this western Jeogeot island is The Shaman’s Blank Canvas, owned and operated by Czar Nicholas, an artist, writer and poet who hopes to extend the reach of his work through his involvement in the artistic community of SL, according to his profile. Judging from the works and nicely designed gallery, it appears he has succeeded. Many of Czar’s digital stylings seem based on spiritual/religious ideas and values, add in a healthy dose of science fiction and fantasy.

On the west side of the same island we find Brain Wash Art Centre owned by Lvpvs Writer. Like Czar, Lvpvs has been around in SL a couple of years now, and has concocted a quite fascinating and large art/recreation complex called Brain Wash in this area, which includes his art center. I’m also familiar with this region through Little Robert Plant Variant, but I’ll spare that story only for those brave enough to dive into my blog for more. The description of the picture from the gallery displayed here, a digital representation of a watercolor and ink work on blotter paper, cryptically reads, “LVPVS IN FABVLA p26 ‘There I found you, my love'”. Personally, I found the picture in a castle on top of the high mountain towering above the gallery just to its east, one of the most distinct on Jeogeot as a whole. A quite magical and lovely place on its own.

Also on this particular floor of the Blue Feather you’ll find a couple of my collage works, which use to be displayed in the Biggie Gallery of Sunklands not far south of our western Jeogeot island. Head up to floor 3 to see much more on the subject of Sunklands!

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Blue Feather Gallery Tour, 08/20/10 (Floor 3)

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Sunklands is a specific, broad area in the southwest part of the Jeogeot continent that I’ve been involved with since August 2009. A more detailed map of the region is found at the top of this ramp, including the names of the six individual sinks I’ve identified, along with other prominent places of interest. Although there are no large, traditional galleries in the area, due to my several landholdings and attached explorations of the sinks, I’ve been able to uncover some hidden gems of places, including a small gallery owned by Sambroxton String. Several large, surrealist paintings are found in the above space, and also several sculptures on the patio. The animated sculpture called “Rotating Iris” has particular, sentimental attachment for me personally, because a copy of it use to exist just across the road from my house in the very heart of Big Sink, the largest of the 6 Sunklands sinks. Unfortunately, a change of land ownership in the area has forced its deletion. The Broxton gallery still exists in Big Sink, though… take a look!

Also on display on this floor are etched glass works by Quiet Sinatra, found in another Big Sink establishment called Q’s Gas n Glass in the Brouwer sim, and on a notably well maintained and landscaped parcel.

In additional, we have 1 work from The Pudding Club, a musical venue owned by members of the RL band called UK Heights, who perform in SL as SL Heights. The photo, like a number of others decorating the walls of the club, was taken by a deceased, former member of the band. If you decide to head over to the Pudding Club to check things out, make sure you visit their garden of ambient instruments!

Following through the door of the next level, we come to a picture by Lark Blackheart, who use to own a small gallery basically right next to my Biggie Gallery in Aotearoa (see Sunklands map), and which has significance for my blog. Beside it is a nice kinetic selection from The Galleria KyrArt on the east edge of Sunklands (Mooter), or just outside the eastern edge, an establishment featuring what it calls Minimalism Contemporary. Next comes a selection from Hugh’s Rise by well known blogger and fellow explorer Dale Ennis that seemed to slot perfectly into the available space. Last but certainly not least by any means, we have some appliances and other objects stacked near the far wall on this floor, all courtesy of master builder Arcadia Asylum. I’m super pleased to be able to include objects from her official SL museum in Chemona (se of Sunklands) in this Jeogeot oriented collection. Without Arcadia’s simply amazing collection of full perm creations, I probably would not be setting up this gallery at all in the first place (for better or for worse) , and perhaps would have left Second Life much nearer the beginning point for me than I am now. More of her work can be found in other spots in the Blue Feather as well.

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Blue Feather Gallery Tour, 08/20/10 (Floor 4)

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We are nearing the mid-point of our Jeogeot art tour, and appropriately have reached the community of Chilbo, perhaps the most famous of all Jeogeot locales. Or maybe it should be if it isn’t. Chilbo is a well known champion of education, The Arts, and creativity in general. Jeogeot pioneer resident Fleep Tuque captains this well organized vessel, making sure it stays the course and fulfills its mission as an open, collaborative, convivial space where residents can grow personal projects and form new relationships, friendships, partnerships, and organizations.

On the map at the top of the ramp, I’ve spotlighted the locations of several art galleries of this community, along with displaying at least one work from each on nearby walls. These include an SL inspired photograph by Corcosman Voom, current chair of the town’s Arts and Entertainment committee; an example of Kristine Kristan’s beautiful and widely appreciated etched glass art; and then, inside the Something To CHRO About bar and reading room just on the opposite side of the “Useless Tube”, both a Medieval fresco from the Renaissance Gallery owned by long time Chilbo resident Rachel Corleone, and a surreal art piece by Janis Shamen from Ceci n’est pas une Galerie – Sur.

Several more Chilbo related artworks are now found on the floor before this one.

Moving into the next room, we have works displayed by Dave Koi, found in his dkart gallery in Sobaeksan. We’re now on the eastern coast of Jeogeot but still not too far east of Chilbo. Dave has made a wonderful gift to SL, offering much of his art for no cost, and with full perms, a la an Arcadia Asylum. I’m very pleased to be able to display a selection of his work at the Blue Feather.

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Blue Feather Gallery Tour, 08/20/10 (Floor 5)

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Parktown, on the western edge of the Hanja Infohub, is an up and coming community of the continent for certain. Already it boasts a zoo, a good number of shops, art galleries, and, my personal favorite, a quite vast and complex underground sewer system – again reminiscent of Arcadia Asylum but also with unique, lighthearted twists. One could say, then, it has put down roots in the area.

On the floor above, I’ve included a number of freebie objects found in the sewer, along with a couple of well framed landscape paintings by 19th Century American artists.

Heading further north in Jeogeot, I decided to purchase a stylish montage at the Park Galleries of Art (no relation to Parktown that I know of), created by the current owner of the galleries, Samara Barzane. Park Galleries of Art has been in the namesake Park sim since 2007, most likely stamping it as one of the oldest galleries of Jeogeot.

Moving into the next area, we have several works by Earl Dinkin, certainly one of the most eccentric of Jeogeot artists and perhaps – well, let’s just say it’s obviously genius, but how much madness… Maybe I should just stop. If you go to any of his mainland galleries and poke about a bit, and he has *8* at last count, you’ll probably understand what I’m on about here. Make your own decisions. On the wall by the door is an example of one close to *1000* such soft pastel paintings he’s created, this found at the Everything For The Complete Space Traveler in Masan. Very difficult to categorize this, but I like! Beside the example painting is what’s advertised as a pillar containing 1150 quatrains. Without taking off a couple of days to do a count I’ll trust that this is so. Also on this patio is a Dinkin-made couch where you and a mate/partner can jointly, “sit watching nothing together.”

I was sad to see, upon doing research for this newest version of the Blue Feather, that Mr. Dinkin’s uniquely designed “Art Gallery Shaped Like a Woman” had since been removed from the Cheosan sim not far from Masan. However, I was lucky enough to find a picture of the place on Treadmap, found in the last room of this floor. The former gallery was about 70 meters long.

And then the final art element of this floor is my Wall of Ass., put there simply because I had no better place. Open the url and enjoy!

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Blue Feather Gallery Tour, 08/20/10 (Floor 6)

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The uppermost floor of the main part of the Blue Feather Gallery currently features some freebie art from the UNC-Pembroke of SL Gallery, located not far from the northern tip of the continent.

On the patio outside is a book describing the probing of the *very* northern tip of Jeogeot (another unnamed island) by Salazar Jack and his team of explorers, just after the continent began to be formed north-to-south. In case you didn’t know, SJ is the virtual-world famous owner of the vast Forest of Kahruvel, found right next to the cradle of SL on the Sansara continent to the north of Jeogeot. Although the forest has been downsized in recent times, the honorable Mr. Jack’s legendary status has long been secured. The book is a fun read for sure, and copies can be found at Grignano Books on the old continent.

I’d also like to thank my long time friend HeadBurro Antfarm, also a friend of Salazar’s, for giving me this book over 2 years ago. Finally found a good home for it, HBA!

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